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Information Interview: Preschool Teacher Community Education (Coursework Sample)


Assignment Objectives:
●Engage in conversations with professionals in fields of interest to gain greater insight into career possibilities
●Demonstrate professional communication skills by arranging a meeting, conversing with potential employers, and writing appropriate follow-up correspondence.
1. Follow the below “Instructions for Planning and Conducting Your Information Interview.” Be sure to send a thank you note to your interviewee after your interview is completed.
2. After completing your interview, respond to items 1, 2, and 3 of the Informational Interview Summary (located on the second page of this document).
Your assignment should be written in Times New Roman font, with 12-point font size, double spaced . To submit, please upload your completed document into the corresponding assignment tab “Information Interview” in UBLearns.
Please remember to label your document as “last name_first name_Information Interview” (e.g., Smith_Sally_Information Interview).
Instructions for Planning and Conducting Your Information Interview
Be sure to read Chapter 9 pages 169 -174 in book. You will use the Interview Outline on page 174 and Sample Questions on pages 170 -171 in book as your guide for conducting the Information Interview.
You should only conduct an Information Interview with someone who is in a career in which you are genuinely interested. For this assignment, you should choose someone in a career you have researched first on the O*NET and ideally for which you have completed an O*NET Job Researching Worksheet (from Module 7). It is ok to interview someone in an occupation that is different from those you submitted for the Module 7 assignment, as long as you are genuinely interested in it and have done the research on it before contacting the person.
You should conduct your interview in person or by telephone. However, if you are having difficulty coordinating a time to connect and/or your interviewee prefers to answer questions by email, it is acceptable to conduct your Information Interview by email for the purpose of completing this assignment.
Please use the Sample Questions on page 171-172 in book as a guide for what to ask your interviewee. Prepare to ask a minimum of 8 questions and a maximum of 12 questions.
Please follow the Interviewing Outline #s 1-6 on page 174 in book to structure your interview.


Information Interview
Yuhua Xiang
Information Interview
1 A). Ms. Annabelle Smith works as a preschool teacher in a community education preschool located in the Glendale Elementary School District. She has worked in this position for three years now.
B). The community education preschool is fee-based and focuses on a positive approach to kindergarten readiness and developmentally appropriate practices in a stimulating environment with abundant opportunities for discovery, creativity, and problem-solving taught by a certified early childhood teacher.
C). The key responsibilities for Ms. Smith are Instructing preschool-aged children in activities designed to promote social, physical, and intellectual growth needed for primary school in preschool, day care center, or other child development facility.
D). Ms. Smith applied for this position immediately after her attaining her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and was accepted.
2. The following are some of the responses to interview questions that I found enlightening.
What do you like most about the preschool teaching job? One of my best moments in teaching is when I see the excitement in the children once they accomplish a task for the first time. It fulfills me to see how young children are responsive to learning and to see their enthusiasm for different and fresh activities. I find it rewarding to play a leading role in the development of children. I enjoy interacting with them on a personal level, getting to know what makes a child tick and using this knowledge to maximize their strengths as I help them grow and build their confidence and competence.
What do you like least? At this age, it is very easy for children to beco

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