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Case Preparation: Russian River Brewing Company (Coursework Sample)


To address following two questions, please prepare a max 2 pages document, font size 12, line spacing single.
•place name, student nr,, case title, date in header (separate title page not needed)
•Dot points are accepted, but make sure the link between answers and theoretical framework used is clear. In other words, ensure you explain why it indicates a particular issue and its effect (positive or negative). Just stating for example that supplier power is high without a reason is not an acceptable answer.
•Use case evidence, but you do not need to include a reference in text or at the end.
•Use theoretical frameworks to analyse. Mention once in the document which framework(s) you used, but no need to provide full references. E.g. Hambrick and Frederickson's model or Porter's generic strategies is sufficient information.
•Remember that you are analysing the case, not the authors of the articles.
Question 1
What is the case company's competitive advantage and what are the sources of its advantage (see Grant, chapter 7)
Question 2
Conduct an analysis of the case company's external environment to identify the main issues. Indicate for each issue the impact (positive or negative) on the company's company advantage.


Topic Case Preparation
Institution/ Affiliation
Russian River Brewing Company
In the current business world, competition is a critical element to business success or failure. Typically, competition defines the suitability of business components that can affect its performance; such factors include technology, innovations and inventions, business culture, and implementation strategies. In response, organizations formulate favorable competitive plans that help outwit their competitors as well as establish a profitable and sustainable competitive advantage. An organization is said to possess competitive advantage when its turnover rate is greater than the average proportion of the related industry. On the other hand, sustainable competitive advantage is the ability of a corporation to maintain significant profits rate for a number of years (Lasalewo et al., 2016).
Russian River Brewing Company is brewing company was founded in 1997 by Gary Heck, California. Under his tenure as the owner, Gary heck employed Vinnie as a brewmaster. For six years, Vinnie engaged in product diversification that led to development of super hoppy and Belgian–inspired beers such as Blind Pig (Russian River Brewing Company, 2019). Currently, the brewery is co-owned by Vinnie and his wife. For the past fifteen years, the corporation has undergone tremendous growth and evolution thanks to the Vinnie expertise in brewing. For example, in the year 2006, the corporation top brands Pliny the Elder and Blind Pig were recognized as the best beers. Besides, in 2017, the organization received the Brewers Association Recognition Award. However, the significant performance did not just happen but was a result of strategic plans utilized by the organization.
First, Russian River Brewing Company concentrated in product innovation and diversification. The organization invested in the art of brewing and production process as well as brewery operations. Also, it experimented with distinct flavors to create test-market variety of unique beers. For example, Pliny the Younger brand that is entirely produced and sold only during two weeks of February at on-premises and Santa Rosa Brewpub. In 2013, the brand fetched over 5 mi

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