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Two Essay Questions: Writing Cultures And Linguistics (Coursework Sample)


These two questions are going to be the questions on my final exams, so don't use any citations. Just answer them with your own words! Appreciate!
Essay Questions:
1. Farming and other major indications of early civilization are hypothesized to have
developed independently both in Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica. What kind of writing systems did these two develop? What does this suggest about the structure of the languages of Mesoamerica and Mesopotamia? Speculate as to why Mesopotamian culture was successful in spreading and why Mesoamerican culture did not (keeping in mind what we learned from Guns, Germs and Steel).
2. Compare the linguistic ideologies of Papua New Guinea and Pueblo cultures. How might
these ideologies affect the way language develops?


Writing Cultures and Linguistics
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The interaction between Mesoamerica and Mesopotamia led to the development of the Olmec and the cuneiform writing styles respectively. The Olmec writing style involved the pictorial form of writing hieroglyphs. The language included signs that acted as a representation of syllables and words hence successfully turning out to be a language that was used in communication. On the other hand, the cuneiform was the world's earliest form of writing and involved the use of wedge-shaped symbols. The symbols represented abstract ideas, objects, syllables, and sounds. They were written on clay tablets. Therefore, this suggests that the structure of the languages of the two cultures was mainly based on symbols to

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