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Wk 4 Discussion – Interviews Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Please find the instructions along with the reading material attached. Thanks!


Wk 4 Discussion – Interviews


Part I

Watch: video that will assist you in understanding literary journalism (creative nonfiction). Please share what you learn.

Complete and share experience: Interactive Learning Activity Exercise:


Read: On p. 115-118 in Crafting Truth. (attached)

literary journalist Janet Malcolm calls the practice of journalism "morally indefensible" and argues that nonfiction writers prey on their interview subjects' vanity, where the likely result will be that the subject's feelings are misrepresented.

Do you agree with Malcolm's argument that misrepresentation is the probable result of incorporating interviews into pieces of literary journalism? Why or why not?


Part II

Read (same as Week 3's readings)

"Introduction to Literary Journalism," on pp. 115-118 of Crafting Trut

"The Wheeling of Hawks," by Truman Capote on pp. 126-129 of Crafting Truth

"Too Freaking True!" by Tom Wolfe on pp. 136-138 of Crafting Truth

"Claustrophobia," by Erik Larson on pp. 146-149 of Crafting Truth. (attached)

"The American Man at Age Ten," by Susan Orlean on pp. 210-220 of Crafting Truth.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:  

  • Consider one of the essays from this week's assigned readings.
  • How did the author address interviews or scene writing within this essay?
  • What methods are they using to best engage their audience?
  • How did this approach influence you as a reader or writer? How might you apply these concepts to your own work?



Wk 4 Discussion
Part I
The video presents literary journalism as reporting of another person’s experiences and events. In some instances, literature journalism is also called the literature of facts. This implies that the reporting is balanced and does not show any form of bias since it is based on extensive research.
I agree with Malcolm’s argument that misrepresentation is the probable result of incorporating interviews into pieces of literary journalism. A true picture of an interview can only be obtained if the whole interview is published. However, journalists usually concentrate on parts of the interview that have fascinating quotes. Therefore, incorporating interviews into pieces of literary journalism is a

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