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What Is Happiness: Enjoying Of Human Rights (Coursework Sample)


The first paragraph to write what is happniess? The second paragraph read the essay the bet (the second file upload or directly using the URL) Then beyond the characters' six emotions: Happiness Fear Disgust Surprise Anger Sadness The original words in the original text should be used as examples.


What is Happiness?
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What is Happiness?
Happiness can be described as a situation where an individual has the powers of making his own decisions and enjoying his rights as a human being. Basically, happiness can be described as the ability of attaining one's goals without having to face obstacles such as voluntary or involuntary imprisonment. From the article, readers are able to understand that the lawyer was imprisoned for 15 years in order to fulfill the bet that he made with the banker (Chekhov, 2017). It can also be described that the bet did not lead to happiness since the lifestyle of the lawyer did not improve in any way. However, the lawyer managed to learn different languages and also learn different languages, a factor that can be described as a form of earning happiness. However, the agreement that the lawyer made with the banker did not lead to actual happiness since the lawyer suffered while the banker also suffered since he was not in a position of fulfilling his part of the agreement.
In the bet, readers are able to learn about the deal that was made between the banker, lawyers, and other groups of friends. Basically, the bet was concerned with the morality of capital punishment and life imprisonment. Most of the guests believed that capital punishment was obsolete and it s

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