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Unit 6 Assignment: Experts Nutritionists, Healthy Fast Foods (Coursework Sample)


Generally speaking, a micro essay, also known as a flash essay, is a very short work of writing, usually less than 1,000 words. These essays take a variety of shapes––sometimes they are lyrical, sometimes they are cultural critiques, sometimes conceptual humor pieces, etc. The word “essay” connotes nonfiction, and often micro essays are creative nonfiction (meaning artful communication of nonfiction)––though they sometimes exist in the space between fiction and nonfiction.
We will look at some humorous examples of micro essays, including from McSweeney’s https://www(dot)mcsweeneys(dot)net/tendency (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and The New Yorker “Shouts and Murmurs.”
Note in these examples an awareness of form and of the rhetoric used in these forms.
There are droves of satirical essays and web content, including The Onion and Clickhole, that satirize form and culture. There are also many literary micro-essays that deal with more personal subject matter. The examples included in this handout are somewhere between these two: they are not as quick and silly as The Onion, but are less personal than personal narratives and memoir-type essays.


Unit 6

The fear mongers are at it again, that fast foods are so unhealthy that others and I should stop consuming them, but again I do not tell them what to do with their lives, and so should they. Some say that there is a need to identify what they consider unhealthy foods that that are eaten almost daily, and their effects. The further cite biased numerous studies and scientific investigations to influence consumers to ditch these foods, they do not fool me even once. These so called experts and nutritionists do not know me, when they identify the perfect meal and food I will probably support them, but until then let me get my daily servings of tasty and healthy fast foods.
I do not want to be thin and so do many of my friends and family members, and what better way to fulfill this goal by consuming more fast foods. I am looking forward to consuming more refined products, after all refined foods mean they are made finer, and if I consume those with no impurities, I will be healthier. Even if nutritive parts of the foods products are at times removed the fast food increase cravings and the more I consume, the more I support food service businesses. It is a win-win situation, I consume more fast foods and refined grains, I pay the sellers, I choose to indulge in my savings, and I do not appear malnourished.
People have different body types, just as some are ta

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