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Uber Eats Based In San Francisco, California (Coursework Sample)


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Uber Eats
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Uber Eats
Uber Eats is an American-based platform specialized in receiving and delivering online food orders that were launched in 2014 by Uber Company. The firm is based in San Francisco, California. The company was founded to make ordering and delivery of food more accessible for restaurants and individual customers. It works by cooperating with partners who deliver packed food from the client’s favorite hotel and restaurants to their doorstep. All that a customer needs to do is to download the Uber Eats application and sign up. They are then required to search for their favorite dishes and place orders which are then delivered to them by reliable Uber drivers. However, like any other business firm. Uber Eats is facing challenges not only in the United Kingdom but also from its clients all over the world. This paper analyses some of the critical issues that are impeding the firm’s operations in the UK and globally. It then makes recommendations that the company needs to adapt to address the problems.
According to Jay McGregor (2017), Uber Eats is facing issues to do with augmenting workplace dangers and escalating competition from international companies which have made the organization to witness continuous upheaval from its drivers. McGregor further maintains that the Uber Eats Company has been undergoing a series of problems arising from the loss of its drivers who complain of disputed hourly pay, reduction of their minimum wages, and unprecedented shrinkage of their wage packets. The rapid decrease in the number of the company’s workforce has paralyzed operations and the firm’s service delivery. The issue of paying employees is an internal problem to a business which is more often than not, assumed by many companies. Most companies which do not have proper platforms that can enable its workers to channel their complaints and grievances to senior employees fail to understand the plights of their foot soldiers. In such a case, like it is the case with Uber Eats, the problem may blossom and burst beyond repair before the firm can realize.
Employment and lack of it is an international challenge that is rampant, especially in developing countries. Although unemployment is per se a severe problem that leads to depression and subsequent death for unemployed persons, companies need not use it as their sole bargaining power to exploit their employees. Uber Eats is a typical example of such firms which is driven by its desire to meet its set goals without considering plight that its drivers are going through to make their dream come true. Instead of preying on its employees who are the essential facet of the company by reducing their wages, Uber Eats needs to benchmark with other international companies which offer similar services to find out that which the firm is not doing right and make deliberate efforts to rectify their mess.
According to Frank Chung (2018), one of the clients of Uber Eats said: "As both a customer and food operational partner of this fascist company I have seen first-hand just how bad [an] experience it is for both parties involved" (Para.3). Frank reports that one David Alphonso complained that the firm tends to delay to make its deliveries on time. He wrote, "I used UberEats once to get a burger delivered, the driver rang and said he was outside didn't even get out the car, took him 30 minutes for a 10-minute drive, food was cold" (Para. 10). Since the firm deals with online customers who rely heavily on other customers’ comments about the quality of services offered, such negative comments on the firm’s app pose dire consequences to the image of the company.
Lack of customer satisfaction is the appalling impre...

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