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Transportable Writing Tool Concepts (Coursework Sample)


Those are some short answers, please put numbers before every answer, like PART A, 1, PART A, 2 etc... Thank you.

Write down a brief definition of the 8 concepts that are listed below prior to viewing any PowerPoint presentations or reading the textbook. There are no extra credit points for getting the answers correct. Write down what you know, and if you don’t know an answer, take a guess or write that you aren’t sure what the word means in relation to writing.


Assignment on Transportable Writing Tool Concepts
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Assignment on Transportable Writing Tool Concepts
Part A
Write down a brief definition of the 8 concepts that are listed below.
Part A, 1. Insight
A deep, clear, and sometimes sudden understanding of a topic
Part A, 2. Unity
The state of being joined as a whole
Part A, 3. Coherence
The quality of being consistent and logical
Part A, 4. Development
A process constituting a new stage in an inconstant situation
Part A, 5. Audience Awareness
Knowing your audience – whether listeners or readers – and understanding their needs
Part A, 6. Expression
The act of making known one’s attitudes and beliefs
Part A, 7. Conventions
A way in which something is typically done
Part A, 8. Editing
Preparing written material for publication by condensing, correcting, or otherwise modifying it
Part B
For each concept, write down what a writer’s objectives would be.
Part B, 1. Insight
a) Choose an original topic
b) Conduct extensive research on the topic
c) Gain substantial knowledge of the topic
d) Present the topic in an original manner
e) Share your substantial understanding knowledge of the topic with your readers
Part B, 2. Unity
a) Determine a definite and explicit subject for the text
b) Settle on one main idea an

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