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Ted Talk Memo: How Education System Kills Creativity To Leaners (Coursework Sample)


Please Choose an interesting topic that I can give out a speech as if it is like a Ted Talk show. Instructions and examples are given in the documents uploaded. Think of an easy but eye catching topic


Date: Feb, 21, 2018
Subject: Presentation Topic: How education System Kills Creativity to Leaners
I will give a TED Talk on "How education System Kills Creativity to Leaners". The core purpose of the talk is to elaborate how the current education system kills the creativity of learners.
The education system is structured to teach and test on specific subjects only. Still, the model of testing learners is based on intelligence rather than creativity. Schools teach on specific subjects which include mathematics, languages, and sciences. Other subjects include humanities which are not given a lot of weight, hence lack of creativity in things like music, innovation, and technology. Studies indicate that more than 66 percent of the learners feel compressed by the system of education, with little chances of the learners to study

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