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Social Structure and Social Interaction (Coursework Sample)

1) Summarize your views of the "proper" relationships of women and men. What in your socialization has led you to have these views? 2) What two agents of socialization have influenced you the most? Can you pinpoint their influence on your attitudes, beliefs, values, or other orientations to life? 3) Dramaturgy is a form of microsociology. Use dramaturgy to analyze a situation with which you are intimately familiar (such as interaction with your family or friends, or in one of your college classes). How can the above help in acquiring the ability to utilize leadership skills, influence and support others to perform complex and ambiguous tasks as part of a team? source..
Social structure and social interaction Name Course Institution/Affiliation Date Social structure and social interaction Males and females are equal, and they should not be assigned different roles in their relationships. People often assign men roles that put them in charge of the relationship while women are expected to take positions oriented towards care and housework. On the contrary, couples should have the freedom to choose what works best for them. My parents taught me that both sexes should view themselves as individuals rather than representatives of their sexes. I also watched my father perform roles associated with females. He would cook and wash the house even when my mother was at home. My family and school have played a vital role in my social development. My parents taught me how to function and take care of myself. The family members showed me how to have relationships and share resources with oth...
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