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Race And Gender In Education. Education Coursework (Coursework Sample)


“race and gender in education ”Follow this topic to write an outline
Need to quote four Rereading America 10th edition “learning power”(P99-P200)The example inside (report the number of examples),Need to put each paragraph topic sentence And thesis mark.
For the rest, please refer to the requirements on the photo.

English 1A+1AS Essay *3
Assignment and GuidelinesBackground:For the past few weeks we have been reading about th schooling. We've read many different articles and essav _ education, and how that purpose has changed over time.ties-df education and explore the purpose ofYour Task:
In a 5-7 page essay, choose a topic of your own to explore in depth. This topic must be connected to the unit "Learning Power" in Rereading America.Notes to Consider:
> You should narrow your focus in this paper. It's great to be able to choose your topic, but also remember to keep it narrow and specific enough for your purpose. We will be doing a lot of scaffolding together, so you will learn to find your topic and thesis.
> You need two-three-secotidary sources in this essay. At least one of those sources should be(£ peer-reviewed ^Purce. Any source you find in the library database is considered peer-reviewed. —
> Your thesis should be argument based and your position should be clear.
Requirements of the Essay:
1) An introduction in which you summarize the subject and topic of your essay.
2) A unified thesis that in one sentence presents your main idea/argument.
3) Five to six body paragraphs each of which presents one main point in support of your thesis. Each body paragraph should include the following:
A topic sentence which presents your point, a clear statement in support of your argument.
Specific examples or information from the articles in Rereading America and secondary sources. Use quotes, correctly cited as information, as discussed in class
Explanation/elaboration that tells how and why your information supports the point you make in your topic sentence
You also need to use two to three secondary sources.


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Thesis Statement
There should be no discrimination on the basis of race and gender when it comes to providing quality education to students.
It has been observed that international students studying at the top schools, colleges and universities are often treated on the basis of their race, class, and gender. Despite the government’s announcements that education is the right of everyone and that there should be no discrimination in the education centers, a significant number of teachers or professors willingly give good marks to their favorite students, and the rest of the pupils are pushed behind the competition.

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