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Personal Application Questions (Coursework Sample)


Instruction to Psychology
Author Rosie M. Spellman, Formerly of QUIMIPIAC University
Please answer this questions of the following chapters in details (not less than a paragraph)
Personal Application Questions
Chapter 1- Page 34
Questions Number:
25. Why are you taking this course? What do you hope to learn about during this course?
26. Freud is probably one of the most well-known historical figures in psychology. Where have you encounteredreferencestoFreudorhisideasabouttherolethattheunconsciousmindplaysindetermining conscious behavior?
27. Nowthatyou’vebeenbrieflyintroducedtosomeofthemajorareaswithinpsychology,which are you most interested in learning more about? Why?
28. Which of the career options described in this section is most appealing to you?
Personal Application Questions
Page 70. Question number: Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Personal Application Questions.
Page number 70, Question number
39, As a college student, you are no doubt concerned about the grades that you earn while completing your coursework. If you wanted to know how overall GPA is related to success in life after college, how would you choose to approach this question and what kind of resources would you need to conduct this research?
40. We all have a tendency to make illusory correlations from time to time. Try to think of an illusory correlation that is held by you, a family member, or a close friend. How do you think this illusory correlation came about and what can be done in the future to combat them?
41. Are there any questions about human or animal behavior that you would really like to answer? Generate a hypothesis and briefly describe how you would conduct an experiment to answer your question.
42. Take a few minutes to think about all of the advancements that our society has achieved as a function of research involving animal subjects. How have you, a friend, or a family member benefited directly from this kind of research?
Please answer the questions of the following chapters in detail (not less than a paragraph.
Personal Application Questions
Chapter 1- page 34, Questions #25, 26,27, 28-, 30 pts
Personal Application Questions Chapter 2-
Page # 70, Questions # 39,40,41,42: 30 pts.
Chapter 2-Personal Application Questions

Page # 70, Questions # 39,40,41,42: 30 pts.
Make sure you understand what i want before writing to avoid mistakes please.


Personal Application Questions
25. I used to be a person that is prone to a lot of negative emotions. I am always feeling distressed; somehow, I manage to get through it all. I took Psychology to further understand myself and other people, as I acknowledge that self-understanding enhances understanding of other people, paving the way towards better relationships. I hope to learn about how to cope and adjust with the human struggles by developing an objective and scientific approach to understanding and solving problems.
26. I always encounter Freud's role of the unconscious mind whenever I come across dream analysis. A dream may suggest ideas and emotions that are repressed where it seemed that dreams are automatic thoughts that suddenly appear. It is seen by Freud that dreams are connected with the unconscious mind.
27. I always dreamt of making real difference in the people’s lives. Therefore, counseling and clinical psychology caught my interest the most. These fields focus on the assessment and treatment of people with mental and behavioral distress to promote well-being and personal development.
28. Clinical Psychology appeals to me the most as it can provide continuous and comprehensive diagnosis and understanding of mental issues and behavioral disorders .Also, Clinical Psychologist can be employed on different settings such as clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities,

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