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Peer Review, Visual Text, and Rhetorical Analysis Questions (Coursework Sample)


two work
1. Answer peer review questions.
2. Write Summary Peer Review Letter and submit it and email your peer. (2pt)
Format: Letter (250-350 words)
Evaluation: Describe areas of strength, two areas that need clarification/revision and one overall positive comment; well-organized; includes specific examples; carefully proofread.


Peer Review
Peer Review Visual Text Rhetorical Analysis Questions
1.Is the title catchy and indicate what the purpose and topic of the assignment?
Yes, the title is catchy and indicates to the audience the comparative purpose of the assignment.
a.Does the beginning grab the readers' attention? Yes.
b.Does the writer provide the context that the visual text is addressing? Yes.
c.Does the writer clearly state who the target audience is? Yes.
d.Does the writer explain the purpose of the visual text and what the ad or commercial wants the audience to do, act, believe, or support? Yes.
e.Is there a clear thesis? Is there a claim? Yes, there is a clear thesis statement and a claim.
*If you answer NO to any of the above questions, please explain and give suggestions to assist your classmate.
3.Is there at least ONE visual included in the essay? Yes.
4.If the writer is analyzing two advertisements, are they similar enough in subject or theme to compare? Yes.
5.Text Design: Is the visual described clearly and sufficiently? Does the writer analyze the visual composition such as balance, colors, and font? Yes, the writer describes the visual clearly through analyzing its composition sufficiently.
6.Is the URL link to the commercial placed on the first page and cited in the Works Cited page? No.
7.Rhetorical appeals: Does the writer thoroughly explain which rhetorical appeals (logos, pathos, and/or ethos) are being used in the visual text and their effectiveness in persuading the intended audience? No. The Halloween advertisement for Coca-Cola lacks depth in the elaborating or rather explaining to the audience how the advert appeals to the public's pathos and ethos. Instead, the writer just states what appeals the adverts intend to provoke on the customers, public or audience but fails to show how it is going to achieve the intended purpose.
8.Evidence: I

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