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Nintendo's Strategy for the Wii: Good Enough to Beat Xbox 360 and PlayStation3?" (Coursework Sample)

1. Identify the issues management needs to address. 2. Analyze and evaluate the issues identified based on the information provided in the case and additional information available on the company's website 3. Recommend a set of actions management should take to address the issues that you have identified and analyzed source..
Running head: BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Successful performance measurements adopted by Wii Nintendo; a Japanese firm. Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Successful performance measurements adopted by Wii Nintendo; a Japanese firm. It is vital to develop performance measurements that reflect the growing of the business; it is important to control challenges of an organization. The need for good performance measurements is an issue that should be adopted in business management. Organizations are making effort to uses performance measurement systems that are simple and inexpensive rather than the detailed issues. This enables the managers to concentrate on the use of performance measure looking relevance depending on social context circumstances in the world. Nintendo wii is in the latest console system to emerge in gaming industry. In 1980s, it dominated the game console business; competing with microso f Xbox 360, Sony playStation 3 e.t.c. We are going to investigate why the company had risen. It tracks the technological property of gaming consoles. It has adopted patents which have protected the Nintendo wii Remote and wiiConect24. Its creative enhancement has used technology, (for example, accelerometer) in other industries to support its user centric design concept. Nintendo is a Japanese corporation that becomes a video game company. It becomes a famous video company. One time its dominance lost because of stiff competition from other companies like Sony, Microsoft and Sega. Thus, Nintendo launched a new game console called Nintendo Wii in 2006 (Parrack, 2008). Wii is a gaming system using virtual reality which bewilders the gamers. Wii enables Nintendo to have a different style of management that focuses on abrader demographic issues than its competitors. It has invented disruptive innovative that integrate refreshing gaming experience and users-friendly interfaces to focus on untapped portion of demographic factors. Gamers of all genders and ages are involved in the market of Nintendo Wii. Video game console is an entertainment electronic device which manipulate video signal of a device (for example, monitor) to play a game. It is a machine game for customers to purchase and use for playing video games for personal computers that are invented for business which buy and also charges other to play. Initially, Nintendo marketed and produced playing card game, but it realized challenges of playing cards since it was viewed as a mere tool of gambling. To solve this, it worked together with Disney in 1959 that allowed them to put Disney features on their playing cards. This created a new market for homemakers and children who started buying playing cards. It became one of the best listed companies in Osaka Stock Exchange (O’Brien, 2007). It also ventures into business like Toy manufactures. Because of short life cycle of toys, it had to constantly develop new products. It enables to merge toy and video industries, hence released more potential in video games. Nintendo’s strategies The company believed that better technology contributes to better games. It plans for the next generation video games console to acquire good and flashier graphics. It relies on sustaining innovation. It focuses on quicker processing speed and effective graphics in the game consoles. It also utilizes existing technology and aims at developing unique user interface which can enable better gaming experience for wider audience (Parrack, 2008). It enables people to rethink and make game part of their lives; it has to avoid losses in the market and to initiate new and bold moves. Reaching beyond existing Gamers: It aims at opening new markets of game players; wii has initiated appeal to people who are not interested in games. Mastering complex controllers have already ceased non gamers to be interested in games. Hence Nin...
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