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Development Of The American Society: Market Revolution (Coursework Sample)


Please answer short answers, Thanks - Please Do at least 5 questions - 1 page!
1.What is meant by the term “Market Revolution?”
2.Describe the national marketplace. How did it develop? What are the regional specializations?
3.What is the importance of cotton to the American economy?
4.What is the Transportation Revolution? What role does it play in the Market Revolution?
5.What is the importance of the rulings of the Marshall Court?
6.Why is American society “restless?”
7.Describe the social changes wrought by the rise of the factory system and the Market Revolution.
8.How did the Second Great Awakening begin? How did it change as it spread to the frontier?
9.Explain why the Second Great Awakening is democratizing?
10.What is the Burnt-Over District? Why was it Burnt-Over?
11.What is the relationship between the Market Revolution and the revivalism and ministry of Finney?
12.What is the role of women in the new religious atmosphere?
13.What do Unitarians believe? Why are they detractors of the Second Great Awakening?
14.What do Mormons believe? Why are they detractors of the Awakening and the Market Revolution?
15.What do the Shakers believe? Why are they a reaction to the Awakening and the Market Revolution?
16.How is Romanticism a reaction to the changes wrought by the Market Revolution?
17.What is Utopian Socialism and how is it a reaction to the Market Revolution?
Describe the Transcendental movement.


Market revolution was a drastic economic change in the 19th century from local and regional markets to national market. Market revolution changed the transport system. Its effect on the society was characterized by forced movement of people to markets thereby disrupting earlier close-knit rural societies CITATION Cha94 \l 1033 (Charles Sellers, 1994).
National market place is described as the domestic marketplace where the transaction of goods and services is governed by the country’s regulations. It developed as a result of trade being widespread throughout the country. Cotton is important to the American economy as it’s the major cash crop and the source of income for most of the south.
Transportation revolution describes the transformation of routes and means of transport like canals, ro

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