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The Internet Of Things: Availing Products And Services (Coursework Sample)


Please read the article on The Internet of Things and watch the video:
The Internet of Things - McKinsey.pdf
Answer the following and please feel free to discuss any additional insights or thought you have on the Internet of Things:
Explain data and list five types of data you use daily.
How can the Internet of things help you to run your daily life?
How is data impacting your daily life?
If you could create a new product included in the Internet of Things what would it be and how would you use it to help your life?
I just wanted to provide you with some information on how I will be grading the discussion board questions.
25 Points
The student provides a complete answer to the question or a comprehensive analysis of the case study in question. The student provides insight into the issue being discussed and supports their statements with facts from the study or from their own personal experiences. Spelling and grammar must be suitable for a graduate level course. Two replies to other student discussion answers.
15 Points
Provides all of the above but fails to respond to other student discussion answers.
The student only provides opinions without providing any supporting evidence to back it up. The student doesn't touch on the key issue being discussed but instead focuses on peripheral topics.
10 Points
The student simply repeats the question or summarizes the case study without demonstrating an understanding of the material being presented.


The Internet of ThingsName:
Internet of Things
Data is unprocessed information. In computing, there has been a new concept of big data which refers to the analysis of data to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions to enable corporations design new innovative products for the people. Technology has revolutionized our lives and our life is unimaginable without it today. There are few ways in which I use data; weather predictions which enables me to make informed choices of dressing and travel details. Secondly, data from my car navigation system helps me use the shortest route with less traffic to reach my destination. Thirdly, big data in music streaming apps help to deliver music that is geared towards my taste. Algorithms that learn my music preferences are based on data analytics and profiling. Additionally, data helps me to keep informed on the happening on the national level especially regarding politics and news. This data is relayed to me through apps and other devices. Finally, the social media helps me to connect with friends and family and it is a framework based on data.
The internet of things can help me run my life by availing products and services that ease my life. These products and services that revolve around my life i.e tra

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