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Human Resources Subject: Improving Employee Assesment (Coursework Sample)


there is short answers and memos to be written, same as the last assignment. also please answer on the assignment template I uploaded.


Task 1: Judith’s draft memo
The Maritime Fish Packing Cooperative
Interoffice Memo
Date:December 4, 2009
To:Michael Foreman, President
The Maritime Fish Packing Cooperative
From: Judith Halls, Manager, Human Resources
It has come to my attention that the Cooperative’s workers’ representative, Ms. Sharon Wong, is not particularly pleased with our employee performance review techniques. I believe that she has already contacted you after our last meeting to find a solution to this issue. The same problem have been forwarded to me by some employees regarding the improvement of our employee performance assessment methods and it is in my opinion to heed that call and create a better working environment.
Recently, I reviewed Jane Wosno’s promotion request and have come to realize that the promotion committee overlooked her sound management experience and focused rather on her weaker interpersonal skills. I think that one area where we have been especially weak is in discussing employees’ performance on day-to-day interactions between management and employees. It is my belief that the annual review process may have some lapses since the current system of assessment is based on reacting to problems when they occur instead of training them to deal with problems.
In this regard, I think that the Cooperative could benefit better by calling a meeting with the Cooperative’s Council to discuss the matter of assessment procedures. I have arranged for us to meet in two weeks after the scheduled management meeting to address the issue. Please feel free to invite relevant personnel so I can arrange their inclusion and send them proper invites.
Task 2: email to all Borealis College
Borealis College
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Interoffice Memo
Date: July 12, 2019
To:College staff, students, faculty
From:[name], College Webmaster
It has come to our attention that there are posts of personal Web sites on the college’s server that are not directly related to the students learning need. The College Vice-President Sheila Dene has advised me to review all postings on the server and shut down any unrelated posts to the students’ learning. Any unauthorized posting published through the College’s server with unsavoury content may undermine the institution’s credibility and reputation.
From this point on, all individuals using the College’s server will have to fill out a form explaining the educational nature of their site and describing its objectives and content. The new College criteria also ask future Web site writers to submit a proposal addressed to [name], the College Webmaster for review and approval. This proposal must outline the Web site’s purpose, describe its content, and include information about its potential reader.
Any queries regarding the new College rule may be directed to the office of the Web master located in the Computer Science Building, Office 6, Annex 5. You may also call the office phone number 1-867-551-2343, ext. 123 or you may also send me an e-mail through This memorandum shall take effect by July 13, 2019 and all violations against this policy shall be referred immediately to the College’s Committee for Disciplinary Proceedings.
Task 3: student letters
Gordon’s text
Mr. Gordon’s text must be concise and direct to the point with emphasis on just his name, his company and his position in that company. Drop the text” my manager..” and instead go...

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