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Watch "I Am" Documentary Videos: I Am (by Tom Shadyac) (Coursework Sample)


Task 1
Documentary videos
Watch "I Am" documentary videos: I Am (by Tom Shadyac) | Official Trailer.
Interview at Google: Tom Shadyac: "I AM" | Talks at Google
Director Tom Shadyac's new way of life
Assignment: 1.
Pick what you consider to be the most powerful thought, idea, message from the documentary
videos and write about it. Explain why you find it so powerful. 2. Discuss how applying or
teaching this concept/principle would help make the world a better place.
Task 2
Positivity and Creativity
Conduct research on a known genius and present a table on the connection between genius and
success. What they find to be important; what creativity outlets they have, and in what area/if
any they consider themselves to be a genius.
Please separate pages by task, eg Task 1 one page Task 2 one page.


Task 1
Only a few individuals have been known to share in the plight of other human beings and done something to make the lives of other people better. The selected personalities have gone down in history as being the champions of change through the selfless commitment to their noble course despite the negative repercussions of their actions. The examples set by the likes of the late Nelson Mandela remind the rest of the universe of what lies deep within the heart of everyone and th

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