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Policies Impacting on Provision of Services for the seniors (Coursework Sample)

What federal, state, and local policies impact the provision of services for seniors? Pick one issue that concerns you in particular. Describe it in detail, providing enough background for the rest of us to understand the issue. How might you become an advocate for change? source..

Policies Impacting on Provision of Services for the seniors
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There are numerous policies that have been formulated at federal, state as well as local level that directly impact on the issues of services provision for the seniors. However, the services that are governed by these policies tend to be the basic ones such as health, housing and other fundamental needs (Forman et al. 2003). However, despite the presence several policies that govern the services provision for the seniors I will consider healthcare services provision for the seniors. The two main policies involved are the Medicare policy and Veteran’s Administration policy both of which advocates for provision of the larger portion of medical bills of the seniors and also covering of the healthcare services of the veterans and their families respectively (Forman et al. 2003).
Considering the issue of healthcare provision for the seniors it is apparently clear that this is among the most crucial policies which are implemented at all levels of governance. This is mainly because this policy always strives to ensure that there is an effective provision of the healthcare services to all the seniors within the country (Forman et al. 2003). Therefore, even if these policies do not exclusively cover every aspect of healthcare services they play a crucial role in offsetting the bills involved in healthcare services provision to the seniors. Hence, the seniors both the citizens and long-term residents are usually assured that most of there medical bills will be covered incase of illnesses (Forman et al. 2003).
Given an opportunity I would aggressively advocate for the change of these policies in order to ensure that they inclusively cover all the medic...
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