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Discussion QuestionsDiscussion Questions Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The questions are based on the documentary we watched in class (The Other Side of Migration) and the readings that were assigned for Monday and Thursday of this week.


Discussion Questions

Week 4

February 13, 2020


1.  Based on your readings (chapters from Labor and Legality, Moving Millions and Illegal People) and the documentary “The Other Side of Migration,” explain how trade agreements and finance policies impact and influence the movement and “displacement” of people on a global scale? (Please provide examples)









2. In Illegal People, the author David Bacon says that politicians although rarely in agreement over the particulars of immigration policy, are very much in agreement that we should be adopting policies that will reduce, limit or suppress the movement of undocumented workers across our southern border.  But in their debates over immigration they never seem to talk about the policies that would reduce the “displacement” of workers.  Why not?









3. Based on your readings, to what extent do corporations rely on the movement of people to maximize profits (And give me a good example)?









4. In the readings from Illegal People, Bacon says that undocumented immigration has become economically embedded in U.S. society.  First explain what “economically embedded” means and then tell me if it’s a good or bad thing for you as a consumer?



Discussion Questions
Discussion Questions
Question 1
Often, trade agreements and other financial policies implemented in a country may significantly impact the movement of people in various ways. For example, when the United States and other North American countries such as Mexico and Canada signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994, the agreement benefited American corn producers who have access to better farming technologies and techniques. On the other side, most of the small-scale corn farmers in Mexico were devastated (Kaye, 2010). The decline of corn farming in Mexico also reduced the number of available farm jobs and this facilitated the movement of Mexicans into the United States. Although professionals from Mexico migrate to America, the highest number of immigrants consists of poor people from rural areas. Also, finance policies such as that signed between the United States and Mexico in 1995, created harsh economic situations for Mexicans that most of them migrated to the United States in search of employment.
Question 2
Although politicians talk about immigration, they do not address the policies that maybe he

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