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Community. Literature & Language Coursework. Assignment (Coursework Sample)


This article tells the story of me and my team members overcoming difficulties to complete a project.
Time: Spring 2019, end of semester
Location: campus, library, etc.
People: Me and my course group (no leader)
I am a freshman
I am a Chinese student
We attended the BIOS 1113 course.
Our course project is to introduce a rare virus, and the source about it is not easy to find. (There is no need to introduce this virus or introduce the BIOS 1113 course in the article, these are just story backgrounds.)
We didn't start deciding everyone's work until two weeks before the time.
We have five people in our group originally. Later, one man chose to retake the course because of poor test scores, and stopped taking the rest course in this semester. No one had taken over his originally assigned job.
We gather in libraries and other places to discuss project, but some people are late or don't come at first.
We finally successfully completed the project.
Additional requirements:
This course is ENGL 1100, so please use basic and simple English.
This article does not need to be perfect, please keep some syntax errors appropriately (not too many of course)
No less than 1000 word


Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
My first year on campus was a defining moment for me. It helped me to appreciate the essence of community, especially the fact that people with a common purpose could come together and complete a task, albeit with some challenges. To begin with, we were from different ethnic groups, students united by the desire to complete a course. We had a project to complete as is always the norm at every end of the semester. It was the spring of 2019, and my team was tasked with introducing a rare virus. The group comprised students taking a biology-related course. We were five of us initially. It was not an easy task and we had to be committed to the end if we had to get good grades. Although we had numerous false starts and unexpected eventualities, finally we completed the project on time thanks to the dedication of the team members.
The instructor first assigned us the task when the semester was commencing in late September. 

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