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Children Relationships with their Parents after Divorce (Coursework Sample)


place I want to get all the answer from the article which is " Overnight stays and children's relationship with resident and nonresident parents after divorce. Also I attache the chapter question. chapter 8 and 9 and the answer I don't want it essay type I want it the answer one by one atlist with 2 to 3 sentences. thanks


Literature Review
Institution of affiliation
Answer the Questions
1 The author in this literature review has successfully used an academic voice in forwarding the message about children relationships with their parents after divorce. The author has employed scholarly work in giving evidences from research materials about the subject of study. The use of present tense also ascertain the voice that fully enhances the reader’s understanding of the topic of study. Moreover, the review indicates the author’s view towards the topic of study i.e. the relationships of children with their resident and non-resident parents after divorce.
2 The review is written in the third person’s perspective as opposed to the first person’s point of view. The author tend to be omniscient by understanding other researcher’s opinions about the study. For instance, he or she refers to the multidisciplinary group of 18 experts who noted the time distribution arrangements that enhance the involvement of both parents in important aspects of their children’s day to day activities (Lamb et al, 1997, p. 393).
3 The arguments in the review are logically addressed from the introduction through to the conclusion. The author introduces the topic by highlighting the importance of distributing a moderate amount of time in enhancing parenting and maintaining closer relationships among children and their parents. Down the body are the reasons and discussions based on time and overnight stays and how they influence children in different ways through to the conclusion.
4 The author has proposed further research to be carried out in relation to child gender and overnight stays and how this enhances their relationships with non-resident parents.
5 In the discussion it is evident that the individual studies have had a significant role in advancing the theories of relationship and social capital in families. For example, according to Dunn et al (2004), greater contact may foster greater emotional closeness and more involvement by non-resident parents.
6 The review is long and does not include a summary.
7 The author has clearly concluded the findings and further suggested needs for future research by enhancing the use of children’s...
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