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Analysis Of Advertisement For Gillette Razors (Coursework Sample)


Choose one catchy print advertisement or web advertisement ( one page) - no commercials.
Write a visual rhetorical analysis essay of the appeals to ethos, pathos, and pathos and include the following points. Proofread carefully for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
What is the product?
Who is the audience?
What is the purpose?
Analyze the three appeals. Are they effective? Explain. Which is the dominant appeal, the appeal to ethos, logos or pathos?
Describe what you see in the advertisement.
Describe the logo and any hidden meanings.
Analyze the composition: design such as color, font, design, and balance.
Finally, is it a persuasive ad for the intended audience. Why or why not?
Attach the link or scan in a copy of the advertisement.


Analyze an Advertisement
Advertisement involves providing information to consumers with the aim of influencing them to purchase a particular product. Companies use different mediums to convey their ideas to their prospective customers; the internet has made it easy for companies to produce adverts and distribute them to their target group. The different types of advertisements include digital advertising, mobile advertising, print, and broadcast advertising. This paper analyzes one of the adverts used for Gillette razors.
This advertisement is from the Gillette Company incorporation. The company produces and sells safety razors and other personal care products for both men and women. This advertisement feature three famous celebrities Thierry Henry, Tiger Woods, and Roger Federer. This advert mostly targets male customers who use razors for shaving. The aim of this advert is to attract more customers and increase sales.
This advert uses different appeals to persuade target customers. One of these persuasions is the ethos. The advertisement uses Henry, Woods, and Federer to convince the uses and the target audience that this product is safe and can be trusted since it has been endorsed by the three superstars. The supporters of these superstars are more likely to buy the Gillette razor. Additionally, the advert can

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