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Air Traffic Management Coursework Writing Assignment (Coursework Sample)


Air Traffic Management
List of Questions need for answers:
1. What are the three working objectives when conducting Air Traffic Management?
2. What are the five major services attributed to Air Navigation Services (ANS)?
3. What is the meaning for the following abbreviations
4. Which is the competent authority of the UAE for regulation of international aviation?
5. Air Traffic Services include which three services to be provided by the respective units?
6. Which services of ATM provide conflict and separation management on
- strategic
- tactical level?
7. ATC controls which types of flights?
8. What is the function of Approach Control and which phases of flight are controlled?
9. Which ICAO Annex deals with Air Traffic Services? Which Part of the GCAR deals with
Air Navigation Services?
10. The UAE AIP contains which Parts?
11. What are NOTAM ́s and how are they distributed?
12. What are the three phases used by the Alerting Service? How are they called? Give
circumstances for any one of these phases under which this phase will be activated.
13. What are the initial distress signals in radio communication Pilot/ATC?
14. Which airspace classes in the United Arab Emirates are controlled airspace, which airspace classes are uncontrolled airspace?
15. Where do you find airspace class G in the Emirates FIR?
16. Which ATS is provided within airspace class G?
17. What restriction applies to all aircraft below 10.000 ft MSL within the Emirates FIR? 18. Which airspace class is designated to a Control Zone (CTR) around an aerodrome?
Separation by ATC within the CTR is provided between which types of flight?
19. What are the VMC required for a VFR flight within a CTR within the UAE?
20. What are the VMC required for VFR flights in airspace class C above and below 10.000


1. The objectives for conducting Air Traffic Management include preventing collisions between the aircrafts, preventing the aircrafts from the obstructing buildings in the maneuvering area and for expediting along with maintaining orderly flow in traffic.
2. Air Navigation Services (ANS), is associated with some major services to the airlines among them, search and rescue, air traffic management, meteorology services, aeronautical information services as well as navigation, communication and surveillance systems.
3. ASM, Available Seat Miles, which is a measure of airline flights capacity
ATS, Airport Terminal Services, refers to an internationally recognized ground services provider.
ATFM, Air Traffic Flow Management, is an air traffic regulation associated with maintaining the right air capacity.
ATC this means Air Traffic Control, which is associated with controlling ground control and airspace control.
FIS, Flight Information Services, is an air traffic service available to aircrafts within the flight information region
SAR refers to search and rescue services
FIR refers to flight information region; a region within which flight information services and alerting services are provided.
UIR, upper information region, an information region in the upper space
CTR, control zone airspace
TWR, control tower
4. The authority in the UAE that is responsible for the international aviation is the General Aviation Authority, GCAA
5. air traffic services is responsible for the preventing collisions, expediting flow of traffic and provision of information and support to the pilots.
6. Air Traffic Management on strategy offers decision support tools and at the tactical level, there are the flight management systems services.
7. ATC controls classes B, C, D and E
8. Approach control is responsible for the flight landing, taxing and take off.
9. A. Air Traffic Services under the ICAO is within Annex 11
B. part 24 of the Ghana Civil Aviation Regulations deals with the Air Navigation services
10. The UAE Aeronautical information publication, holds that deal with safety, regularity and the efficiency of the international and national air navigation.
11. NOTAMs are basically Notices to Airmen and they are filed by the Air authority with the sole purpose of alerting the aircraft pilots of the potential hazards which are likely along a given flight route. They are also given to airmen to alert them of dangers associated with safety of the flight in any given location.
12. the alerting services is defined by the ICAO and they are provided in respect to notifying the appropriate organizations with regard to aircrafts that require search and rescue services. The three phases include, uncertain phase, alert phase and the distress phase.
‘The Uncertainty Phase: A situation where uncertainty exists as to the safety of an aircraft and its occupants. The Alert Phase: A situation where apprehension exists as to the safety of an aircraft and its occupants. The Distress Phase: A situation where there is reasonable certainty that an aircraft and its occupants are threatened by grave and imminent danger or require immediate assistance.'
13. The distress call involves three steps'
Giving the distress signal ‘MAYDAY' which is spoken three times
The words ‘THIS IS'
Lastly the call sign of the aircraft that is in distress is spoken three times.
14. The controlled airspaces by the UAE include A, B, C,D,E and F. G is an uncontrolled air space.

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