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Reasons for Belief and Doubt (PHIL200_s12_hw_3) (Coursework Sample)

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Professor Name:
(February 20, 2012)
PHIL 200: Critical Reasoning
Homework Assignment #3
Part I: Reasons for Belief and Doubt
The story covered in the paper is “Copyright Cheats Face the Music in France”, By Eric Pfanner, Published in the New York Times on February 19, 2012. Retrieved on February 20, 2012 from /2012/02/20/technology/20iht-piracy20.html?src=recg
1. Is the story slanted toward or against a particular group mentioned in the story? How?
The story is slanted toward the groups of offenders where lobby groups calls for the release of the offenders of copyright laws in France. Through the call of their release artists will feel shortchanged since their earnings will reduce significantly.
2. Are there instances of loaded or biased language or emotional appeals in the story or headline? If so, give examples.
Yes there are loaded or biased languages or emotional appeals in the story, for instance
“it infringes on civil liberties”
“When the people understand that, they stop. Of course, some people don’t want to understand. Then we have to transfer their dossiers to the justice system.”
3. What is the main source for the story?
The source of the story is the legality of the copyright laws while some politicians support it others oppose. They all have their reasons as to why the laws should or should not be implemented.
Part II: Fallacies
4. I saw him play football and he is ferocious on the field, he tackles everything in sight. Don't hire him to tutor young kids, he's too violent.
Base rate fallacy
5. I know deep inside you love her. Draw on that undying love and forget that she spent all the money on losing lottery tickets.
Denying the antecedent fallacy
6. You tell me to wear a seatbelt when I drive because it will protect me in case I get in an accident. I never saw you wear one when you drive, so why should I wear one?
Affirming the consequent fallacy
7. He's a real pain the neck. Cortisone shots help relieve neck pain. Maybe a good dose of cortisone will change his attitude.
Conjunction fallacy
8. I read that cars in the United States consume more gasoline each year than trucks. I guess that means that my car uses more gasoline each year than that tractor-trailer over there.
Quantification fallacy
9. Scientific e...
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