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How Do Political Parties Feel About Climate Change? (Coursework Sample)


Assignment – Political Parties
You are to write a 6-7 paragraph essay that answers the following questions:
How does the Democratic Party feel about climate change? What solutions do they propose?
How does the Republican Party (aka the GOP) feel about climate change? What solutions do they propose ?
These two parties have opposite ideas on this very important subject. Which party do you feel has the right idea about climate change? Elaborate on your answer.
Use 1.5 line spacing.


Political Parties

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Political Parties

1. How does the Democratic Party feel about climate change? What solutions do they propose?

Democrats are the party of climate change. Democrats believe that national security is under intense threat caused by rapid change. The United States should not hesitate but take action in reducing the global climate change. Climate change poses great to humans and the environment. Democrats are certain that the U.S government is in a position to provide a solution to the global warming problems (, 2018). Democrats are planning to organize a national mobilization that will stimulate nations in addressing the threat of climate. According to Democrats, the current generation has greatly contributed to the increase of global warming and thus should take the responsibility of leading a campaign against the same. The fight against climate change is analyzed to every individual responsibility in the society. Hence, Democrats have tried to formulate the post-Obama climate policy as they applaud his leadership in falsifying the historic Paris climate change agreements. Democrats have demonstrated through the campaign against the mining of gas and oil, which they strongly believe leads to an increase in the global warming.

Democrats are willing to meet the set goals in Paris as well as call upon other nations to join forces against global warming. In addition, these actions will assist the party to slash carbon emissions into the atmosphere and curb the emission of greenhouse gases such as hydrofluorocarbons. Democrats seek to be a good steward in combating climate change by protecting strategic interests in collaboration with the science-based approaches (, 2018). The party also emphasizes on supporting the developing countries in their effort to mitigate carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases. In addition, Democrats are investing in climate resilience and adaptation as well as deploying improvised sources of energy.
2. How does the Republican Party (aka the GOP) feel about climate change? What solutions do they propose?

Republicans have grown increasingly doubtful about climate change over the past decades. The Republicans oppose climate science, therefore, support both the minority and majority welfare in terms of job opportunity. Some of the Republicans believe that climate change is caused by human activities while the majority believe the problem is as a result of natural changes in the environment ( Republican National Committee, 2018). They are skeptical about global warming to be a natural event. Nevertheless, the Republicans support the regulation of carbon dioxide as a pollutant, even though they do not believe that humans are res

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