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Climate Change: History And Natural Causes (Coursework Sample)


INTRODUCTION:​ This page (all the pages) should be in a newsletter / newspaper format. The title page should have the title of the newsletter, an eye-catching ​photo about your topic​, and your introduction. You may also include a table of contents, and some quotes or statistics on this first page.
2. INTERVIEWS:​ The interviews should be on one / two pages, and there should be a ​photo​ of each person that you interviewed. The interview can be written as a paragraph summarizing what the person said, or the exact question – answer dialogue that occurred.
3. CATHOLIC SOCIAL JUSTICE:​ This can be a half of a page (two paragraphs). This article should have a title, and an appropriate ​photo​.
4. QUOTES:​ The quotes do not have to be on one page. You can scatter them throughout the newsletter to fill in gaps, or you can put them on one page. It’s up to you. You do not need at have photos with your quotes, but it will be a good way to get extra points, if you need it! (idea: a photo of the person that is quoted.)
5. STATISTICS:​ The statistics do not have to be on one page. They too can be scattered throughout the newsletter.
6. ACTION STEPS:​ You can either list the action steps, or write them out in paragraph form. This should be accompanied by a
title, and a ​photo​ of one of the action steps (but not a photo of the action step you are doing).
7. PHOTOS:​ Search for a ​minimum of 5 high quality photos​ /graphics that can be used in your newsletter. Your own drawings
or photos can be used too!
8. TITLES:​ All your newsletter articles should have appropriate, interesting, clever titles. A table of contents is recommended (This is really easy to do on Publisher.)
9. ACTION TAKEN:​ Summarize what you did for your action step, and explain why you did that for your project. Include a title for your article, and a photo of you doing your action step.
Your newsletter is due the day that you present your video to the class.
As you are presenting your video, you can also pass your newsletter around the classroom (not mandatory).


Climate Change
Climate Change
Climate change is defined as natural occurrence whereby the aspects of the effects of weather that determine the geophysical conditions of a region are not constant. The causes of this phenomenon are varied, and the methods of mitigating its impact are continuously reviewed across the globe.
These changes negatively affect the ecosystem with human activities contributing the most significant impact on the change in climatic conditions. The conditions of the atmosphere are determined by human activities like energy emissions and other factors like urbanization and depletion of natural resources. Duration of climate change are variable and can be either long term or short term. The drivers of climate change are categorized into natural causes as well as human activity.
History of climate change
Early climates were devoid of glaciers and ice sheets and instead were prone to ice ages. The temperatures ranged between 14 and 27 degrees Fahrenheit. After the Cretaceous period, the earth was ice free and was warm. The following generation, the Pleistocene Age that happened over 1.8 million years ago saw temperatures fall drastically. After the Pleistocene Ice age, temperatures rose again to the present climate and has been milder. 207645297180Illustration SEQ Illustration \* alphabetic a: A mountain of the glacierIllustration SEQ Illustration \* alphabetic a: A mountain of the glacier
Natural causes of climate change
The physical causes of climate change include changes in the amount of solar radiation, Milankovitch cycles ( the patterns of variation in solar radiation), the earth's position proportional to the sun, a region;s position from the equator and the distance between continents or plate tectonics, which causes volcanic eruptions as well as other geologic activities. (Desonie, 2008) Other natural causes include geophysical activities such as volcanic activities, impacts of asteroids and meteorites, ocean currents as well as atmospheric pressure, which results in the distribution of temperatures and precipitation. These take long periods of time to occur, unlike human activities. The above mentioned meteorological activities also contribute towards global warming. Temperature has been variably measured over time using differen

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