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Medicad Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Your task for this assignment is to choose either Medicare or Medicaid and research a recent change to the program (recent meaning in the last few years). You can choose to look at changes that resulted from the PPACA, or other federal reforms, or changes at the state level if you would like to do so, but it has to be something different than what you chose for prior BBS assignments.
With the change that you select, answer the following questions:
1. What change did you choose to examine and why did you choose it?
2. What change was made? 
3. How does the change affect previously existing requirements? 
4. What results do you think will occur as a result of the change?
5. What do you think about the change and the impact it may have?
You can pick any aspect of the Medicare or Medicaid programs you would like including your state’s laws regarding theses programs. 
Remember that your response needs to be your own work. You should not simply copy and paste an article or information about some change and submit it as your own work. If you rely on a source of information to answer the questions, be sure to cite to it. If you copy a source, be sure to quote it. 

Course title:
A change that was chosen to be examined is a recent change to the Medicaid program. This change was chosen owing to the significance of Medicaid in keeping Americans healthy, its importance as a source of health insurance coverage for many people including the disabled, and how considerably this program was altered as a result of PPACA. A major component for reforming America’s healthcare under the PPACA reform law is certainly expansion of the country’s Medicaid system. The change that was made to Medicaid is that PPACA filled the gaps in coverage for the poorest people in America through the creation of a minimum Medicaid income eligibility countrywide. Starting 2014 January, Americans aged below 65 years who have income of less than 133% of the federal poverty level became entitled for Medicaid (Angier et al., 2015).
Prior to the change, Medicaid and its related program, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, covered an estimated 60 million people, especially low-income kids and adults. The change affects previously existing requirements in that the PPACA has expanded eligibility for Medicaid nearly 138% of the federal poverty line – federal poverty line, $16,104 for a person in 2014 &ndash...
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