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Human Trafficking Law Coursework Research Paper Essay (Coursework Sample)


Should internet companies be liable if a 15 year old girl posts her own ad for sexual services online and fraudulently claims to be 18 years old?
Should be 200-250 words. Utilize outside sources to justify answer for discussion post.


Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking
The advancement of the internet has contributed significantly to sex trafficking that targets under-age girls. When a 15-year old girl posts a sexual ad on an internet platform fraudulently claiming to be 18 years old, it may appear sensible to hold her accountable for her actions. However, given that such a girl has not attained the age of consent, it is justifiable for liability to shift to internet companies. According to the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (TVPA), companies that benefit from such acts of sex trafficking are liable because they should be aware that their platforms are used for unlawful promotion of prostitution (Sullivan & Leonardi, 2018). In this sense, therefore,

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