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Future of Law Practice Coursework (Coursework Sample)


find a law article from ABA Find, cite, and summarize keypoints of an article on futuring techniques such as environment scanning, trend analysis, Delphi, gaming, scenario, etc


Future of Law Practice
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Future of Law Practice
This is a case of a defendant, Mr. Fagan who was requested to move his car by a police officer. On reversing the car as told, he accidentally drove onto the police officer’s foot (, 2013). The police officer told him to get the car off his foot; Mr. Fagan told him to wait and did not move. He was then convicted of assaulting a police officer in execution of his duties. The defendant argued that the act was not intentional so he should not be convicted.
1. Environmental scanning; with respect to this case, there are external factors that mayaffect the justice to the defendant. For instance assaulting a police officer is treated more harshly than common assault (Strategic Workforce Planning | Kienco, 2015). From the external factors, the court should practice justice to both the constable and the defendant. But it was not the fault of either of the two that the car stepped on the constable’s foot. Police officers have codes that dictate their duties and responsibilities which include abiding by justice.
2. Trend analysis. Relative to the above case, trends in military profession and specifically the police aims at adapting change rapidly and containing of situations (Ludwig, 1997). This means that in as much as the officer was offended, he is to some point responsible for not containing the situation. Such a code of ethics is also getting violated in this case.
3. Delphi; Delphi tool is also necessary here. Some professional advice could have shown that may be both the officer and the defendant are responsible for the assault (, 2015). This can only be legal advice.
4. Gaming; considering the gaming tool, various outcomes may be realized from any party of the case. External participants in this case can also be a factor to consider if the case is reviewed using gaming tool.
5. Scenario; considering the number of participants in the above case, many scenarios can take place. The case is not limited to only the constable and the defendant, but also their employees and lawyers.
References (2013). Sorry officer, I didn’t mean it-mens rea and actus reus in criminal law. Retrieved from https://w...
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