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Discussion Questions.CRJ320 Interviewing and Interrogating. (Coursework Sample)


Please answer each question keeping them labeled so I know which is which. Thank you! Please use sources for each set of questions.
1. "Interviewing and Interrogating" Please respond to the following:
• Determine the fundamental difference between interrogating and interviewing under the circumstance of criminal investigation. Provide one (1) example of a situation or scenario when each of these would be used.
• Support or critique the argument that a police officer should use an Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) and / or taser before the utilization of deadly force when making arrests. Provide a rationale to support your response.
2. "Suicide and Elder Abuse" Please respond to the following:
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) identified suicide as a common death investigation within the United States. In some instances, family members attempt to hide the fact that the person took their own life. Analyze the main reasons why persons would attempt to conceal such an event which could possibly lead them into receiving criminal charges themselves. Recommend at least one (1) action that the law enforcement could take in order to investigate such a suicide crime.
The National Center on Elder Abuse indicates that seniors are the fastest-growing population in the United States. It is apparent that as this populace becomes more physically frail, they are seemingly a greater target for the unscrupulous to take advantage. Discuss the main reasons why abuse of seniors is recognized yet usually goes unreported. Next, suggest one (1) action that citizens or family members could take to reduce elder abuse. Provide a rationale to support your response.
3. "Sexual Assault Evidence and Forms of Abuse among Children" Please respond to the following:
It is common knowledge that rape and sexual assault investigations provide evidence such as stained or torn clothing, scratches, bruises and cuts used to solve the crime. Determine at least three (3) other forms of evidence associated with a rape or sexual assault. Next, recommend at least one (1) action that the law enforcement could take in order to investigate such a crime.
The textbook cites that the four (4) most common types of abuse among children are neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. Select one (1) out of the four (4) types of abuse among children. Next, determine the key challenges that the investigator may confront while investigating the abuse you selected. Suggest one (1) strategy geared toward mitigating the challenges you determined. Provide a rationale to support your response.


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July 30, 2018
The main difference between an interview and an interrogation is their purpose and the manner of how they are conducted during a criminal investigation. On the one hand, an interview is usually employed to gather Pieces of evidence or determine the credibility of a witness. On the other hand, interrogations are more accusatory, for it aims to elicit the truth from The witness (or the Perpetrator) under the assumption that they are lying (Deguara, 2013).

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