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Read The Dead Aim Problem In The Textbook And Respond (Coursework Sample)


Grimmelmann, J. (2016). Internet Law : Cases and Problems.


Cyber Law
# 1: Using graduate level writing and providing proper citation and attribution where needed, respond to the following: Read the Dead Aim Problem in the textbook and respond.
Both Illinois and Texas can summon and apprehend Dead Aim for its unacceptable offenses against the environment in particular with wild animals. Dead Aim is intended to operate as a game that baits wild animals within its premises, threatening the existence of several species of animals in the area. Dead Aim is engaged in an activity that disrupts the continuity of the food chain because killing of wild animals endangers the existence of the ecology within the area. All individuals involved with the killing of wild animals will be apprehended by the Federal government in particular with the courts in Texas or in the state of Illinois.
The second issue is about the use of firearms. Dead Aim is held liable for causing harm against innocent animals even if they are living in the wild. Killing wild animals has corresponding violations to cause apprehension by the Federal government. The reason behind is that there is an animal rights laws in all states of the United States. These are laws that protect all animals from abuse. Dead Aim is held liable for encouraging the public to become gamers that will randomly shoot wild animals. The company is even profiting from the participants who want to be involved with the killings, which is unacceptable and punishable by the law. Dead Aim's license to operate as a business entity will be compromised because of their illegal practices of allowing strangers as their clients to shoot random wild animals as a leisure activity (Grimmelman, 2016).
# 2 Using graduate level writing and providing proper citation and attribution where needed, respond to the following: Respond to the Diplomatic Mission Problem in the textbook.
The position of the United States to its citizen has played a major role for ensuring their safety and welfare in any parts of the world. This is the reason why the United States is always sending a group of lawyers and diplomats to engage in a diplomatic mission to every country around the world that caters the interest of both countries. The case of Zuckerman is a politically-relative case that involves a US citizen working in another country, such as Spain. Zuckerman is the founder of a newly formed social media websites for individuals to share, post, comment, and like comments, photos, and videos of its members online. However, Zuckerman is involved in an offense wherein it displays an explicit video of an abused person with a disability online (Grimmelman, 2016).
Basically, the United States will provide all legal means to either lessen all possible legal consequences filed against Zuckerman or to send her back to the United States. There is team of legal representatives sent by the United States to ensure that the welfare of their client will be always protected by the United States, despite from the court case that she is undergoing. The diplomatic mission is to prevent any means of affecting the relationship between the United States and Spain due to the case of Zuckerman. Pure legal assistance is carried out by the Federal government to challenge the assertion by the Spain's judiciary to overturn the case of their fellow citizen who needs immediate help and assistance.
# 3 Using graduate level writing and providing proper citation and attribution where needed, respond to the following: Read and respond to the Revenge Porn Problem in Chapter 3 of your textbook.
Since Rebecca Levendowski is already in a legal battle with Derek Franks, there is an active legal and reasonable legal solution of their relationship. This issue fall under the family law problems wherein the former couple's main issue is abo...

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