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Cyber Law Coursework: Credibility Of Business Model (Coursework Sample)


Consider the business model for the assigned text. Review the copyright notice at the beginning of your text. Briefly outline the business model as well as the obligations noted in the copyright notice. Evaluate whether you think this is a sustainable model.


Credibility of Business Model
This business model is quite formidable because it encourages the principle of originality in book ownership. Every person that gets a book is provided with the chance to personalize the book and understand it well according to the different perspectives that they may possess. Through its strict policies, they ensure that every book appeals to every individual in a different way through the personalization of the book by the individual.
Sustainability of Business Model
This business model is sustainable because Semaphore Press books are fostering the attitude of being personal with one’s books. This is what the reading culture ought to be so that every individual can have his/her personal library. Apart from having the personal library, it also enables readers to develop a sense of appreciating literature independently. Most people nowadays depend on others’ opinions to get a book. This sense also helps different people gain different perspectives on the matters they read about.

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