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Homework: American Revolution (Coursework Sample)


Each question should be answered with 2-3 sentences depend on the answer. I will provide the book name: 
Bloom, Robert M. & Criminal Procedures: The Constitution and the Police Brodin, Mark S. (Wolters Kluwer 2013) Seventh Edition.
Monk, Linda R. The Words We Live By. (Hyperion 2003). 
Vollen, Lola & Surviving Justice. (Voice of Witness 2005).
Eggers, David 
Please note that this homework is due today. If you can't do it let me know early.


American Revolution
Question 1
The declaration of independence announced the separation of England from its colonies, stating the commencement of the colonies’ independence. It affirmed the existence of human rights stating all men were equal before law and that Americans had various freedoms such as the freedom of religion and the government had the rights for self-governance.
First Amendment
Question 2
The Supreme Court defined freedom of speech as a situation where through his statement or speech should not pose any threat to the national security.
The three categories of free speech include:
Pure speech that involves expressing one’s thoughts or opinion through speaking before a voluntary audience.
Symbolic speech is where speech is not involved, there is the use of symbols acknowledged by court as forms of free expression.
Speech-plus entails using actions such as protesting besides incorporating words when expressing one self.
Question 3
The five freedoms in the First Amendment include:
Freedom of religion
Freedom of speech
Freedom of the press
Freedom of assembly
Freedom of petition
The Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause refer to the freedom of religion. The establishment clause outlaws the government from establishing an official religion, while the free exercise clause allows people to worship freely.
Second Amendment
Question 4
Michael Moore believes that the US is a violent country owing to the high rates of murder experienced every year resulting from the gun violence in the country. Despite the prevailing idea that guns in the hands of civilians is necessary for personal protection, gun restrictions should be enhance to limit the availability of guns in the US, because unlike other countries like Canada where the population have a mature gun-culture, the US has a myopic gun-culture where people use their guns to commit crime. Individuals should be vetted well before issued with gun licenses.
Article I
Question 5
For one to serve in the US senate, one has to be at least 30 years old. Each state elects two senators, who serve for a term of 6 years. The Senate is headed by the Vice President of the United States.
Question 6
Although the US Constitution grand dual citizenship to Native Americans, between the US and their tribal lands, the people may only claim dual citizenship in an even their tribal territory succeeds in gaining true sovereign national status. Currently, tribal territories of Native Americ...
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