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Scheduling Resources and Cost (Coursework Sample)


Complete Exercise 1, in Ch. 8, "Scheduling Resources and Costs" of Project Management: The Managerial Process, using Microsoft® Project 2016.
Create a network schedule using the information provided in the exercise, apply resources, and adjust the schedule to eliminate over commitment of resources. Submit the Microsoft® Project file.
Given the network plan that follows, compute the early, late, and slack times. What is the project duration? Using any approach you wish (e.g., trial and error), develop a loading chart for resources, Electrical Engineers (EE), and resource, Mechanical Engineers (ME). Assume only one of each resource exists. Given your resource schedule, compute the early, late, and slack times for your project. Which activities are now critical? What is the project duration now? Could something like this happen in real projects?


Scheduling Resources and Cost
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A network schedule is as follows:
Time 0 to 1: The activities of candidates are marked as 1, 2 and 3. For the EE Activity, 1 has a zero slack vs. 3 for activity 2, and load activity 1 reduces activity 2’s slack by 1 to 2 and increases ES by 1 to 1 and EF by 5. For ME, activity 3 is a candidate so the load activity is 3
Time 1-2, All resources have been consumed, so we are to reduce Activity 2 slack by 1 to 1 and increase ES by 1 to 2 and EF by 6.
Time 2-3 1 EE available, activities 2 and 4 are candidates. Activity 2 has slack of 1 and activity 4 has slack of 0 so load activity 4 and reduces activity 2 slack by 1 to 0 and increase ES by 1

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