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Short Paper on Maria Sibylla Merian History Coursework (Coursework Sample)


1.For specific topic requirements, please see the document Science and Society---Short Paper.
2 First important reference article web link https://www(dot)nytimes(dot)com/2017/01/23/science/maria-sibylla-merian-metamorphosis-insectorum-surinamensium.html
3. Second reference article (file name Merian Letter to Volkammer 1702)
4. Third reference article Merian in Londa Schiebinger extract, pp. 30-35; and Schiebinger chapter generally useful for context (eg pp. 25-30 on Sloane). (file name Merian in Londa)


Science and Society — Short Paper on MARIA SIBYLLA ME RIAN Hard copy due in class: Tues 9 APRIL 2019
ASSIGNMENT: Read the Joanna Klein article on Maria Merian from ttte NewY°rk
Times called "A Pioneering Woman of Science Re-Emerges, published in 2017.
Imagine you are Klein -- a professional journalist. Your editor at the limes has read your
article and thinks it very good on gender and science and agrees that i erian is a remarkable early case of a woman making a career in science, but wants you to address
the themes of empire & slavery at the end of your article more. Your editor as s you to
write 2 more paragraphs at the end to address these 2 questions.
1. How did European imperialism and use of both enslaved African and. Native American labor help Merian to do her scientific work?
2. How should Merian's reliance on slavery and empire impact our view of her as a pioneering woman of science -- or not? Please take a position and explain and defend it.
Write one page minimum on each, double-spaced (maximum 3 pages total).
Remember.* you are a journalist so be direct and make your points clearly. But you also need specific facts, names, dates, places, quotations, etc. And you need to cite your sources in parentheses after specific facts and quotations, down to the page number (or
slide number if citing lectures).Relevant Sources to consult:
Merian in Londa Schiebinger extract, pp. 30-35; and Schiebinger chapter generally useful for context (eg pp. 25-30 on Sloane).
Merian Letter to Volkammer, 1702
"Colonial Botany" lecture including videosADVICE: Be sure to demonstrate awareness of key themes from secondary sources &If you have any issues or queries concerning the assignment please contact the professor and/or your grader. Your answer will be graded, with comments, by Emmet or MeaganLATE PAPER POLICYEach day that an assignment is late means it will lose a third of its final ptiHp Ifrr.™ a t ' B+ to B, etc). This adds up quickly so please take n0°e 8 (fr°m A t0ACADEMIC INTEGRITYapnZ"”S„;S“,* ii!h°us* mdria"*
dw i.™ sy„ib l -n,, ^ulectures as discussed in class.


Short Paper on Maria Sibylla Merian
Short Paper on Maria Sibylla Merian
Imperialism was not only guided by the ability to colonize a nation but also on the ability to take full advantage of the nation's natural resources for commercial interests of the colonizer. In the pursuit of her scientific research, Merian explored many social aspects of those times that were mainly guided by the principles of colonialism. Although not directly involved, Merian in one way or another contributed greatly in advancing the commercial interests of the imperialists while doing her research in Suriman. One of the great discoveries that she made while in Surinam was the use of silkworm in the production of the finest thread. The silk business was the greatest deal during the colonial times and she even had a step uncle who was trading in silk. She sent samples of the caterpillars back to Holland for production of commercial silk but as Schieninger (2004) says, "to my knowledge she never brought this moneymaker into production" (pg. 34). Further, before she left Surinam she arranged with another man "to continue to supply her with all manner of butterflies, insects, fireflies, iguanas, snakes and turtles for sale in Amsterdam, but he died in 1705," (pg. 34). Also, just like many naturalists and entrepreneurs of the ancient period, Merian depended on Blacks and Amerindian slaves for help in researching and identifying the specimens. As Schiebinger notes "Since the roots and thorns grow so thick in the forest, I had to send my slaves away with an ox in hand in order to cut an opening for me to go through" (pg. 35). Therefore, Merian mobilized the enslaved Africans to dig roots, hack openings a

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