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Leaders and Leadership Semester One Examination Coursework (Coursework Sample)


This is a copy of your exam paper.    Between now and that date, work out ideas for your response.   Please submit your examination to Mister Busch by Tuesday, December 12.1. Consider each of the leaders you have explored [the leader you chose as the topic of your research assignment, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Robert Gould Shaw, the leader you identified from the movie ‘The 33’].  For three of these leaders, explain/discuss the following:A. Identify and discuss what you most liked about each of them as a leader.  
B. Explain what you have learned about each of them and their approach to and style of leadership that has been the most useful to you personally. Apply this to yourself and your future.  What have you learned about leadership that you might be able to use in your own future.     In your discussion, provide specific examples from each of the leaders that you can connect to your own life and future. You should be writing approximately 150 words per leader. Please indicate how many words you have provided for each leader.    Total Points – 75 points/25 points for each leader
2. Choose a leader from today’s world that you think is especially effective and do the following:A. Give the name of the leader
B. Give two specific reasons why you think this person is an effective leader
C. List one leadership trait that you think this leader uses especially well and explain why you chose that trait
Total – 25 points


Leaders and Leadership Semester One Examination
Institute of Affiliation
Leaders and Leadership Semester One Examination
Question 1A
Abraham Lincoln as a resilient leader
I like the leadership of Abraham Lincoln because of his resilience. In his entire life he failed in most of his attempts, for instance in running the business that later turned to be bankrupt. He was not a good student and only studied for 18 months. Despite several failures he had undergone through, he was always resilient and never gave up at any point in his life. He was convinced that nothing is unattainable so long as he worked hard. That's how he achieved everything he needed in his life, he worked for it persistently and with faith that one day will realize his goals. For instance, when he wanted to become a lawyer he tried to get into a law school without success. He later studied law by himself. He borrowed money to start a business and went bankrupt. He also got fired from his job. He lost eight different elections. None of these experiences deterred him. He, kept trying, kept doing his best and finally became one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known. His life experiences teach me on the necessity of resilience and persistence in the pursuit of our goals. (196 words)
Robert Gould Shaw as a courageous leader
I like Shaw because despite the fact that he was only 26 years old, he took charge of the regiment successfully. He became a hero as a commanding officer of the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts regiment, the ever black regiment to be organized in the North. Those times black men were highly doubted if they could deliver on the ground as soldiers but Robert Gould achieved it. I like his bravery; he was able to lead together with abolitionists and he changed the views of the people about the abolitionists. It is clear that the courage of Shaw and other leaders in this regard were able to change the perception of the people of the North that black soldiers deserved to fight for the freedom of their race. Good leaders should be courageous in whatever they do. Serving people is always barricaded by many issues that need leaders who are brave in facing whichever situation just to ensure that the interests of the people are protected. (164 words)
Film “The 33”, Patience and prayerful as leadership qualities
In the film “The 33”, great leaders also must overcome great obstacles, the attribute is seen in Mario Sepulveda who said that the situation was the heart of the mountain and not the rock. In addition, great leaders are leaders of hope, Sepulveda as their leader always encouraged them. Leaders should also be peace makers, the preacher added “hate is for children”. Also, great leaders meet the basic needs of their people, just the way the government set up a triangle area for the miners' families. Excellent leaders always value the needs of the people just the way Crew Chief assured the miners that it was his duty to save them. Trustworthy is also a major attribute of good leaders, this is demonstrated by Sepulveda, who became a trusted natural leader and maintained food rationing and hopeful determination. A leader should have vision for the people just like the way Lawrence was determined to improve in order to realize his dreams of becoming an advocate and a profound supporter of the community. (172 words)
Question 1B
Lessons learned from the leaders
I have learned various lessons from the leadership traits of Abraham Lincoln . Resil

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