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History Question Coursework War Strategies (Coursework Sample)


There are three question.
Please answer those questions according to the powerpoint.
And approximately more than 180 words for each question.
All of the question are no need of quote.
Thank you~


War Strategies
War Strategies
The New Look nuclear strategy is one that is associated with attempting to revolutionize the military strategy where a less expensive approach is taken relative to the forces. This is born of the idea that the military forces should shift towards less expensive nuclear forces and away from the more expensive conventional forces. Ideally, the use of the conventional forces is more expensive given the fact that, it offers less results at higher costs when compared to the nuclear options that have very massive impacts at very minimal costs. The New Look approach as such, looks to bring about an integrated approach of the nation's nuclear arsenal when addressing the foreign policies. This has however advanced into a new nuclear development where other nations are also arming themselves. As such, the element of Mutually Assured Destruction, is a development that could mean, if one nation attacks another with nuclear arsenal, the respondent nation is bound to respond in kind in a manner that would result in complete annihilation of the two opponents. This is a full scale strategy compared to the more sparing approach of the new look. No nation wants to be caught unaware and as such they train for moderate to a full-on attack that could easily destroy the warring nations or which even comes first.
The French had been enjoying quite the streak of wins at wars and were one of the main superpowers colonizing large region in Africa and Asia. However, their fall started with the Indo-China war. This marked the start of the end of the French colonization. Ideally, the French made their first mistake by assuming that they had massive firepower, artillery, fortifications and aviation. For the French, using their advanced might in firepower, they felt that they could easily drive the insurgents back to Laos. This however was a big mistake o

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