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Imagine a conversation among a Confucian scholar, a Taoist and a Legalist (Coursework Sample)


Imagine a conversation among a Confucian scholar, a Taoist and a Legalist. What might each have to say about at least two or three of these traditional questions: What are the most important ethics or values to follow in life --- how can we best "live in the world"? What is the purpose of good government? The role of morality in formulating law? The qualities of a superior ruler? The value of scholars? And what might each have to say about two or three of these more modern issues: Does "might make right"? What is the value of government programs to help the poor? Of "three strikes and you're out" laws? Of withdrawing life support from a terminally ill patient? trl Back up your arguments with specific evidence -- quotations -- from the readings, preferably from the primary sources. And be sure to come to some well-expressed conclusions at the end of the paper.


A conversation among a Confucian scholar, a Taoist, and a Legalist would be interesting since each has their perspective about different issues. They all offer practical solutions to different philosophical questions and provide relevant solutions. The Confucian scholar will suggest that the purpose of good government care for the citizens. Confucius believes in harmony in society and the world. This should be part of the government and leaders' foreign and domestic policies. Good government laws are not based on physical force but from a moral force. The leaders or rulers have to be characterized by virtue, which is depicted in their constant compassionate treatment of the people (Hearn, 2019). This will encourage people to follow the superior, and most of them will do so voluntarily. Since the government relies on a good ruler, then it should be the right person who is keen on learning, friendly, loyal, and trustworthy.

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