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Constitutional Foundation for the Right of Privacy (Coursework Sample)


Questions for the paper:
1. What is the constitutional foundation for the right or privacy? (refer to the Civil Liberties chapter in Module 4)
2. Do you believe that there is a right to privacy? Do you agree with the what the Supreme Court has said about privacy?
3. Edward Snowden is a controversial figure. Some believe he is a heroic whistleblower who has exposed how the government has infringed on people's rights. Others believe he is a traitor that has hurt the government's ability to protect its citizens. Which of these two sides do you think is more accurate? In answering this, discuss how much liberty we as a society should be willing to give up in order to feel better protected from international threats?
Another source that may be helpful in doing this paper:, feel free to google topics such as "government surveillance" and "right to privacy" and "Griswold v. Connecticut for additional sources.Papers should aim to be somewhere between 3 to 5 pages (though the most important thing is that all questions are answered in a complete and clear manner).  Please use double-spacing and default margins.


Civil Liberties
Student's Name
Civil Liberties
Constitutional Foundation for the Right of Privacy
Privacy is not explicitly covered in the US constitution. However, as noted by Schultz (2010), the right to privacy is deemed to be among the rights that are guaranteed by the Ninth Amendment. The author notes that privacy can be defined as the information secrecy, physical seclusion, or a principle that guards one against making decisions about particular fundamental issues. Schultz (2010) also points out that the current constitutional right to privacy protects the freedom of the people from unwarranted and unwanted intrusion by the government in domains such as sexuality, familial relationships, personal information, decisions about death, human reproduction, and personal autonomy.
While the constitution does not have the express right to privacy, specific aspects of privacy are reflected by the Bill of Rights (UMKC, n.d.). In this case, therefore, the right of privacy of beliefs has been protected by the 1st Amendment. The 3rd Amendment protects the home privacy against housing of soldiers. The possessions of one are protected against unreasonable searches by the Fourth Amendment (UMKC, n.d.). As for the Fifth Amendment, it protects the privacy rights of individuals relating to personal information and personal information (Kemper, 2014). According to the amendment, an individual does not have to reveal anything about herself or himself that may prove or show guilt in a criminal case. Also according to the amendment, the property of the individual is protected against removal or use by the government without legal foundation. Such removal or use can be only possible in a legal manner and where the individual has been given compensation.
From the Ninth Amendment, it is clear that there are rights that have not been enumerated in the Bill of Rights. According to the amendment, even if something has not been mentioned sufficiently in the constitution, it does not mean that that thing is not covered. Therefore, although the exact wording may not be present in the constitution or the amendments, citizens may still be guaranteed the right. According to Schultz (2010), the Supreme Court has clarified that the right to privacy is not absolute. The reason for this is that the government has some levels of legitimate interests in some domains. Therefore, one's right to privacy under the constitution is controversial. However, continuous modification and definition judicial interpretation and statute continue.
Existence or Right toPrivacy
I do not believe that right to privacy exists. Given that it is unclear whethe

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