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Art History Midterm Review Writing Assignment (Coursework Sample)


Ch 29
What were the key stylistic elements of Rococo art? What class of people did this art appeal to?
-          Rococo style is characterized by elaborate ornamentation, asymmetrical values, pastel color palette, and curved or serpentine lines.
-          Rococo style developed first in the decorative arts and interior design, and its influence later spread to architecture, sculpture, theater design, painting, and music.
-          Rococo art works often depict themes of love, classical myths, youth, and playfulness.
-          Appealed to upper class
How does Rococo art compared to Baroque art? How does it compare to “Natural Painting?” What Neoclassical sources did they draw on?
-          Rococo architecture was a lighter, more graceful, yet also more elaborate version of Baroque architecture, which was ornate and austere.
-          Rococo emphasized the asymmetry of forms, while Baroque was the opposite.
-          The Baroque was more serious, placing an emphasis on religion, and was often characterized by Christian themes; Rococo was more secular and light-hearted.
-          Rococo architecture brought significant changes to the building of edifices, placing an emphasis on privacy rather than the grand public majesty of Baroque architecture.
How and why did artists and architects look to art of the classical past in the late 18th century? What sources did they draw on?
What political motivations may they have had?
What role did art play in the French Revolution? Connect David and revolutionary art. Be able to describe the notion of “art as activism.”
-           During french revolution - rococo and neoclassicism,
Ch 30
Discuss Romanticism as an artistic style - name some of its frequently occuring subject matter as well as its stylistic qualities
Understand the philosophical and stylistic differences between Neoclassicism and Romanticism
Discuss realism as an artistic style in Europe and America - name some of its frequently occurring subject matter as well as its stylistic qualities
Understand the debates about the nature of art in the 19th century - what belonged in the Salon & what did not & why
Discuss initial reactions by artists and the public to the new art medium of photography
Ch 31
Understand Clement Greenberg's definition of modernism in art & apply the ideas to art in the late 19th century
Understand Baudelaire’s discussion of modernism and apply the ideas to art in the late 19th century
Discuss the tradition of Royal Academics & Academic Salons in Paris/Britain & the tensions that developed with the independent
Exhibition in the 19th century
Understand the development of color theory in the 19th century and the role that played in impressionist and post-impressionist painting
Distinguish between impressionist and post impressionist movements - subjects, styles, artists
Distinguish the identifying traits  & interest of the architectural movements of the 19th century - Art & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Skyscrapers & modern architecture


Art History Midterm Review
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Art History Midterm Review
1. The key stylistics of Rococo art originated in France as a form of decorative art for interior designing and gardens. Painters started to adopt the style in the early part of the 18th century. A rococo painting can be identified because the artists did loose brush strokes, flowing lines, forms, and pastel colors in their work no matter what the subject is. Majority of Rococo paintings have the overall design off of the center. Every element is helpful in bringing playfulness and motion in the painting. Furthermore, Rococo art appealed to the upper class during that time.
2. Rococo art compared to Baroque art had a lighter and graceful mood compared to Baroque art. In addition, Rococo art is more elaborate than Baroque architecture because it was austere and ornate. Rococo art focused more on forms, and Baroque did the opposite as it was more serious. Baroque emphasized more on religion and mostly had Christian themes; Rococo was more light-hearted and secular. Rococo architecture brought big changes to building edifices, placing emphasis on privacy instead of the grand public majesty of Baroque architecture.
3. During the 18th century, architects used classical Roman examples as basis for their practices. It was a period when architects that were trai

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