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American Music: Chuck Berry - Promised Land (Coursework Sample)


Song: Promised land this song chunk berry sing and then answer the following questions
Looking at the Song:
• What people, places, and events are mentioned?
• What do you notice about the music (fast, slow, catchy, dull)?
Responding to the Song:
• What are your personal reactions to the lyrics?
• What emotions might this song produce when sung or played?
Thinking about History:
• Why do you think the person/people wrote this song? What clues do you find to suggest this?
• For what audience was the song written?
• Why is the music important to this song?
• What does the song tell you about what life was like during this period in history?
• What more do you want to know and how can you find out?


Chuck Berry - Promised Land
Chuck Berry - Promised Land
The song mentions several places that boy visits and the form part of the story that the narrator is trying to tell the audience. The places include Raleigh, Norfolk, Charlotte, Atlanta, Birmingham, Houston Alabama, New Orleans, Louisiana, Houston and Albuquerque. This is a song that gives a rather sorrowful emotion and at the same time elicits happy feelings. It is a true nature of art, as it elaborates in the story the life of the people during the Jim Crow era. The artiste is able to bring life to the sorrowful nature of the restrictions that existed at the time and at the sometime bring a sign of relief with reference to the freedom associated with travel.
This was a song that was written to bring out the element of freedom that finall

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