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Homework: Agreement Between The Original States Of The US (Coursework Sample)


You help me to the title number to prevent copying the wrong as much as possible with the words in the article


Q1. Articles of confederation was an agreement between the original States of the US which served as the first constitution of the nation. The constitution was ineffective because it made the states have more power than the federal government.
Q2 . One benefit of the articles of confederation is that it protected the rights of the citizens and the states of the US.
Q3. The shays rebellion was an uprising led by a former militia officer Daniel Shays. Daniel Shays and his followers who were farmers in Massachusetts engaged in the demonstration as the wanted the government of the US by that time to be overthrown because they felt that the government was making the nation suffer economically and politically. The Shays rebellion impacted the federal government of the US because it forced the writing of a new constitution and the creation of a stronger federal government.
Q4. What happened at the constitutional convection is that a new constitution was drafted.
Q5. Under the philosophy of Monteseiquieu the separate branches of the government that were created under the new constitution included legislative, executive and judiciary.
Q6. The purpose of the creation of the three branches of government was to eliminate the possibility of the US government becoming authoritarian.
Q7. The major issue discussed at the constitutional convection was the balance of powers between the state and the national governments as the delegates wanted the federal government to be more powerful but not too powerful to override the individuals and state’s rights.
Q8. The great compromise resolved the controversial issue of representation, which had been raised at the convectional.
Q9. Other words apart from bicameral which mean two of something include duo,pair, duet and binomial
Section 2
Q10. The purpose of the constitution is to provide a basis for all government decisions.
Q11. The purpose of the preamble of the constitution is to describe the purpose of the US government.
Q12. The idea of governance that is supported by the opening ‘we the people’ is that the government derives its powers and authority from...
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