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Widespread legalization of Marijuana (Coursework Sample)


pls give it to this writer. it is just a duplicate of what he wrote before. pls refer back to the sample paper and instruction attached

Opinion-Editorial: Widespread legalization of marijuana in America
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Opinion-Editorial: Widespread legalization of Marijuana
In America today, whether marijuana should or should not be legalized is a prevailing current issue. Marijuana is essentially a mix of dried flowers and leaves obtained from the hemp plant. According to Mayer (2015), the altered mental state that a person achieves after consuming or smoking marijuana is for the most part the result of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a naturally occurring chemical. Even as the usage of this drug is barred in accordance with state and federal laws, there is a debate as to whether or not using marijuana should be made legal. Latest changes in state regulations pertaining to the utilization of the drug in Washington and Colorado states have served to reignite many arguments relating to widespread legalization. Researchers, physicians, pharmacologists and the American Bar Association (Who) are looking to convince federal lawmakers to legalize the use and consumption of marijuana (What) across the United States (Where) in the near future (When) by disclosing the fiscal benefits that could be realized and how it could be used effectively for medical use (How). Thesis statement: even though marijuana could have medical use, its shortcomings outweigh its benefits. It should not be legalized.
The groups that oppose me and therefore support the legalization of this drug in America include researchers, physicians, economists, pharmacologists and the American Bar Association. The arguments of these groups centre on the fiscal benefits which could be achieved and its medicinal purposes. Economists are in agreement that legalizing the usage of this drug would greatly reduce law enforcement costs and decrease the federal deficit by means of tax revenue. When marijuana is made legal, the American government could save an estimated $13 billion annually...
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