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Understanding The Role Of Health Policy Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Health policy is simply a health plan that has been written with specific strategies or objectives to accomplish the overall goal of the plan. Health policy (popular or unpopular) plays an important role in the delivery of healthcare services. Please review Chapter 1 in its entirety to understand the premise of health policy. To successfully complete this discussion an understanding to the role of policies in health care is imperative. In a minimum of 250 words discuss the following questions:
What is the premise of healthcare policies? (consider the following: past/current policies that impact provider-insurer shift)
Is healthcare access a “human right” or a “privilege”? Provide a rationale.
Who are the major players in health policies?
How does health policy impact


Health Care Policy
Institutional Affiliation
Health Care Policy
Health policy has been regarded as a problematic issue, not only in the United States of America but in the whole world. The main issue arises from the lack of an agreement on the specific agency mandated with the responsibility of developing a national health policy, as well as the participation of many actors. The premise of health care policies is the provision of the right to health care. A health care policy refers to plans, actions, and decisions undertaken with the aim of achieving the defined health care goals in a country (WHO, 2019). In the USA, several administrations have strived to provide a universal health care for all citizens. The Affordable Health care act (2010), which is the most recent, has yielded significant results in providing health care coverage for all citizens. However, it has also faced several drawbacks, with a significant portion of the population still uninsured

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