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Statistics: Exercise 40 (Coursework Sample)

Exercise 40 1) Read Exercise 40 in Statistics for health care research: a practical workbook. 2) Complete the study questions about the reading. 3) Check your answers to the study questions. 4) Copy and paste the Exercise 40: Questions to be Graded from page 302 into a word document. a) Complete the questions on the document and place the document in the assignment drop box. or b) Print the page out, and complete the questions by hand (make sure your answers are legible). Scan your completed paper and place the document in the assignment drop box. 5) In order to receive credit, please show your work. (Use Equation Editor, etc., and/or provide a short written description as to how you obtained the final result.) I am sending the exercise 40 questions, form and the booklet to help you to do the work. I will sent it by email please. Thanks. source..
The categories found to be statistically significance were income, working status of adults, education, health status of adults and children and the utilization of healthcare. No it was not reported as statistically significant at any value of p. Hence we have its null hypothesis accepted as the as the statistical significant value has not been found and is neither stated. It should not be rejected as there are difference in marital % among the different groups determined by the levels of insurance(Uninsured, Medicaid-enrolled and privately insured).Hence the marital % is not statistically significant at p<=.001 Five null hypothesis were rejected since the five of the X2 values were statistically significant categories as indicated in introduction prior to table 1.Significant results indicates that null hypothesis are not supported or unaccepted as accurate reflection o...
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