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Waterpipe Smoking among College Students in the United States (Coursework Sample)


Waterpipe Smoking among College Students in the United States


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Chapter 8
Waterpipe Smoking among College Students in the United States
As depicted in the model literature review, the author engages his readers on the subject of water pipe smoking among college students (Grekin, & Ayna, 2012). In his literature, the author makes use of an academic tone by inclusively using a research approach determined at depicting the manner in which water pipe smoking affects the lives of the college students.
The author incorporates the third person form of speech when describing the student's personal experiences in using this drug. A critical assessment of the literature also points out that the author makes use of the third person by including the direct speech of the first and the second person (Grekin, & Ayna, 2012). The author therefore uses the "we" in mentioning the manner in which the research was conducted with the aim of depicting his/her personal experience in the research
Secondly, the authors augments move logically from one topic to the other by conveying information about the subject clearly and in a concise manner with the aim of aligning the readers way of thinking. He transitions between one topic to the other by establishing a logical connection between the paragraphs and sentences within the material (Grekin, & Ayna, 2012). He therefore incorporates the use if quick phrases and full sentences to ensure that the readers think, organize and react to the ideas he/she presents in his material.
On the other hand, the author also points out to the need of more research in this subject. He points out that literature on waterpipe smoking especially among the college students have grown over the past ten years (Grekin, & Ayna, 2012). In accordance to this, the author mentions that there are few studies directed towards this area with various waterpipe smoking predictors still needing to be examined. This therefore calls for more research in clearly determining these elements.
Concurrently, the author also discusses how individual studies have documented the prevalence of waterpipe use among college students but lack a systematic approach of reviewing their literatures. The author therefore alleges that this article fills this gap by reviewing the prevalence of this act among the students, ...
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