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Schizophrenia and Homelessness: Assess the ability to design a cost effectiveness analysis for an evidence-based practice project (Coursework Sample)


Purpose: To assess the ability to design a cost effectiveness analysis for an evidence-based practice project. My Project: In Schizophrenic patient, does access to shelter compared to homelessness decrease re-hospitalization. This assignment requires each student to provide an overview of a plan for measuring cost effectiveness in his/her project. The costs and benefits should be clearly connected to the project and to best practices in cost effectiveness analysis. Before beginning this discussion board, read the readings and watch the video presentations for Week 3 (posted in Blackboard). A template table describing the elements of cost and benefit should be completed and attached to the post (form is posted in Week 3) . Each student must post on or before (check blackboard). The initial post should be 300 to 400 words long. The post should be written using the professional style described in the APA manual (6th ed.). Discussion board activity is intended to spark active conversation, synthesis, and reflection. It is a scholarly forum, and thus requires a scholarly tone and appropriate citations in APA format. Attached is the template table.


Schizophrenia and Homelessness
Schizophrenia and Homelessness
When one is diagnosed with schizophrenia, there are faced with a limitless number of changes that immediately come to their lives. All the goals, dreams, hopes and their future plans are put on hold or their scrapped altogether. Patients have to constantly battle with hallucinations and delusions (Porter, 2015). Some patients will hear voices which convince them that the people that are trying to help them are actually plotting against them. However, one of the most crucial aspect about the schizophrenia patients relates to being homeless. Being homeless increases the level of complexity of the diseases in myriad ways (Caton, Shrout, Eagle, Opler, Felix & Dominguez, 1994). In a typical situation, this is a disease that tends to breakout during adolescence or in the early adulthood; that is 18 to 31 years of age. At this age most of the people are either continuing with their studies or laying out the ground work for their careers and family. When the disease strikes, it is impossible for the patient to accomplish their live dreams, plans and goals (Price, 2009).
The disease is not just devastating to the person that is suffering from it, however there is also the family members and all the other people that the patient was interacting with before the first psychotic break. As such, from the point of the first break, the patient's life starts taking on a turn for the worst. They fall out with their family members, spouses, children and workmates (, 2016). Even when the symptoms are initially treated effectively, the patient is still going to experience difficulties communicating with others. The most common turn out is that they finally become homeless, relative to the fact that they no longer have the social skills and professional skills. Other than they tend to isolate themselves, they also make it difficult for the family and loved ones to support them. It is also hard for the family members and those that are supporting them to keep track of them at all times (, 1995).
As such most of the ...
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