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Discussion reply: Quota Sampling; Purposive Sampling; Snowball Sampling (Coursework Sample)


As you know, larger sample size in quantitative is needed for reliability for standard error of the mean, as it reflects sample of the population. With qualitative studies, small size is appropriate to avoid over saturation. While saturation determines the majority of qualitative sample size, other factors can dictate how quickly or slowly this is achieved in a qualitative study. What are some of these factors and how do they play a role in qualitative studies? Need at least 150 words.


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As established in qualitative studies, a small size remains significant in avoiding the element of saturation. In as much as saturation establishes a majority of a study's qualitative sample size, there are other factors that determine how slow or quick these elements may be achieved in a qualitative study (Francis, 2012). Data saturation is therefore used as an approach aimed at evidencing the quality of a qualitative research, an aspect that would lead researchers to justify what a study means without arriving at a conclusion. This concept essentially needs to be applied within the precincts of a grounded theory that may be characterized by the selection of particular factors that play a significant role in qualitative studies. These factors include:
Quota Sampling:
This element determines the number of participants that are required for a study, an aspect that takes cons...
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