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Practice Issue and Evidence Summary Guidelines (Coursework Sample)


Capstone Project Milestone 1: Practice Issue and Evidence Summary Guidelines
Clear identification of the practice issue is the first step in evidence-based nursing. Next, the evidence is reviewed to determine the best intervention to change practice outcomes. Completion of the milestone will include identification of the practice issue using the ACE Star Model of Knowledge Transformation and a review of the evidence that will support an intervention that will change outcomes. The evidence summary will be conducted through the 'breaking down' of a systematic review on your topic for your change project.
Milestone 1 consists of the completion of ONE form with two worksheets. Complete both worksheets and submit the form
You are required to use the linked article and Worksheets or you will earn a "0" for the assignment.
Practice Issue Worksheet Directions
Follow the grading criteria below to formulate your practice issue, which must be based on the topic of the systematic review you have selected.
Download the required Milestone 1 Practice Issue and Evidence Summary (both worksheets appear in ONE file) to document the practice issue presented and approved by your instructor in the Week 2 Discussions.
Your practice issue will be the same for all three Milestone assignments in this course.
Please type your answers directly into the worksheet.
Evidence Summary Worksheet Directions
Develop an evidence summary by following the grading criteria below.
Document this on the evidence summary portion of the worksheet.


Capstone Project Milestone 1:
Practice Issue and Evidence Summary Worksheets
For Use March 2018
Student Name: Date:
1 Refer to the guidelines for specific details on how to complete this assignment.
2 Type your answers directly into the worksheets below.
3 Submit to the Dropbox by the end of Week 3, Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MT.
4 Post questions about this assignment to the Q & A Forum. You may also email questions to the instructor for a private response.
Practice Issue Worksheet
List the topic and include the citation for the systematic review you have selected from our approved list (optional: an additional scholarly source of support):
Use of Caregiver Mediated Exercise as a Recovery Tool for Stroke Patients.
What is the nursing practice issue you have identified related to the topic you have chosen?
In most of the cases, stroke patients are taken to the rehabilitation centers where they go through a recovery process. However, the nurses at the facilities do not have adequate time to assess the health condition of each of them since their number is large. This hinders the ability of nurses to effectively handle the patients and meet their needs.
Fully describe the scope of the practice issue:
I suggest the use of caregiver mediated exercises as an intervention measure to improve the health outcomes after a stroke. Each of the stroke patients will be assigned with a caregiver who will be taking the patient through exercises. By assigning each of the patients with the caregiver, maximum attention will be given to the patient unlike in the rehabilitation centers where the patients s-spend most of their time inactive and go out for exercises on weekends. The caregiver will be doing the exercises with the patient on each day. By increasing the time that is spent on exercises, the intensity of the exercises will also increase leading to an increase in functional outcomes for patients with stroke in terms of their AD.
What is the practice area?
The practice area of my practice issue is in the field of clinical healthcare.
How was the practice issue identified? (check all that apply)
 Safety/risk management concerns
Unsatisfactory patient outcomes
Wide variations in practice
Significant financial concerns
Procedure or process is a time waster and Significant financial problems.
Use of rehabilitation centers wastes time and require so many resources
Difference between hospital and community practice
Clinical practice issue is a concern
Procedure or process is a time waster
Clinical practice issue has no scientific base
Describe the rationale for your checked selections:
The recovery of the patient after stroke by the use of the rehabilitative strategies involves numerous processes such as functional restoring of the nervous tissue that has been damaged and learning the lost skills through pathways such as plasticity, adaptation and carrying out a compensation of the deficits. As mentioned earlier, the process increases the treatment cost and put a financial strain on the family members since it takes a long period of time for the patient to come back to their normal state of health and the equipment required are sometimes very expensive. The patients spend most of their time at the centers inactive especially during the whole week and they only go for their exercises on weekends for a limited amount of time. There is need to come up with a proper cost-saving, time saving and an effective intervention to address the problem.
What evidence must be gathered? (check a...

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